Young widow: Moving on and rediscovering love

You will have experienced strong emotional responses to the death of your husband, but, as a young widow…

Young widow: Moving on and rediscovering love
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You will have experienced strong emotional responses to the death of your husband, but, as a young widow you now feel that you have largely resolved your loss. These six tips will help you to complete the process of letting go, and start to pursue new interests, new love, and a new future.

Move on after grieving

You have taken steps to cope with your loss, and the feelings are less intense as time passes. You feel that it is now time for you to move on with your personal life. Recognize, then, that as one season of your life ends, a new one is now opening up.

You can begin by setting personal goals for your future. As a young woman, you want to rebuild your life, so, why not consider pursuing studies, or taking up new interests and hobbies? As you set goals, you organize yourself and choose where you want to go in life. Be sure to set goals for all areas of your life including your family, partner, career, and health. As you set specific goals for your life and work towards them, you grow and are better prepared for an intimate relationship.

Keep your focus

You might find that you do not have much in common with young women your age. Many of your friends might be married with young families, and you might lack the support system you need. Resist any feelings of fear that make you feel that you have been left behind. Don’t be daunted by perceived inadequacies, press ahead with the determination to achieve the goals you have set for your future.

Take care of yourself

After experiencing such a traumatic loss, it is very important that you continue to take care of yourself. Be constantly aware of your emotional states, and resist irrational thoughts that will cause you to doubt your ability to move on with your life. Remember also, that although you are moving on, there are times when some of the feelings of loss may return, and you will need to deal with them. Similarly, take care of your physical well being including following a healthy diet, and getting enough rest and exercise.

Rediscover love

You are young, and you long for a partner to share your life and grow together. But, as a young widow you will need to resist any guilt feelings that you are being unfaithful to your husband because you want to start dating again. Keep assuring yourself that your husband would want you to move on to a meaningful future.

Don’t rush into dating, instead start out in a small way. You could start with looking for opportunities for social interactions. Although your experience loneliness, resist making rash decisions, and take time before you commit yourself to a new relationship. As you start out slowly, you could consider online dating as an option.

Join a support group

As you move forward, don’t try to cope on your own. You might need to join a support network where you can share your experiences with others in the same situation. There you can build your interpersonal skills and find opportunities to connect with others.