DIY Necklace

Whether you are looking for a specific design or wanting to create a unique and thoughtful gift a DIY…
DIY Necklace
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Whether you are looking for a specific design or wanting to create a unique and thoughtful gift a DIY necklace is perfect. All it takes is some basic materials and a little inspiration to make your own necklace creation. As a gift you can find a symbolic pendant to add, or use a color to create a timeless memory that can be worn. Creating accessories for yourself is also a great idea if you just can’t find exactly what you are looking for in stores. Here are the tools and steps you will need to design and make your own DIY necklace.

Tools you will need

If you are a beginner start by purchasing a mini findings kit, which often includes all your extras like crimping beads and rings. Another essential tool every jewelry maker needs is a pair of flat nose pliers for closures, using your teeth is not a good idea. Depending on the necklace you want to create, you will need different wires and beads. The most common wire used for jewelry making is mono-filament jewelry wire. For bib necklaces you will also need jewelry chain remnants which can be purchased by the yard or as part of a jewelry making kit.

Creating your own design

Start your necklace by taking your chosen wire and attaching it to either a jump ring or closure. Once it is secure you can use beads or whatever jewelry findings you choose. Be sure to measure the wire before starting and mark where you will add a pendant if necessary. Once the beads are all on the wire you can attach whatever ending piece you will need, for example a closure or ring. If you attach jump rings to both ends you will need to use pliers to attach a jewelry chain and closures.

The steps to creating your own DIY necklace are simple and the tools are minimal, making this the perfect beginner project. Once you make your first necklace you will want to make more and start to flex your creative muscles. There are many styles that can be created at home including bib, charm and more. Necklaces make great gifts for birthdays, graduations and holidays. For the ultimate sports fan, create a necklace with bead colors from their favorite team, they will love showing their team spirit at games. So whenever the inspiration hits, go and create a great DIY necklace!