New Year’s Style

Glitz and glamour are the hallmarks of New Year's celebrations. Enjoy a delicious coquito while looking…
New Year’s Style
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Glitz and glamour are the hallmarks of New Year’s celebrations. Enjoy a delicious coquito while looking stylish at your end-of-year party. The key to the perfect outfit is color, shine, and style. The night is all about having fun celebrating both the year that has passed and the new one to come. Whether you celebrate with Latino traditions or simply watch the ball drop on television with friends, it is important to start off the year looking your best and feeling it too. So declare your resolutions, make your 12 wishes, and dress to impress at your end-of-year celebration.

Dress for the venue

To pick the perfect outfit for your New Year’s party, consider where you will be celebrating. Always dress for the venue and the crowd. Enjoying a quiet evening at home with family? Wear a cute pair of jeans and glitzy top. Going to a friend’s house? Opt for a casual but bold dress with flats. Attending a New Year’s blowout? Wear a dress that makes a statement, whether it is fitting, metallic, or covered in rhinestones. Just make sure it will get attention.


So you know where you are going and have the right type of outfit in mind, now it is time to focus on accessories. Your jewelry should make a statement. It is often said that more is less, but New Year’s is the exception. Wear matching metallics; don’t mix gold and silver. If you are truly the outgoing type, give your outfit New Year’s flair with a tiara embellished with date of the coming year. These can often found at a local party store. Make sure you have your noisemaker handy as well, it is practically part of your wardrobe and an essential New Year’s accessory.

The big picture

Starting the new year off right will give you a positive outlook over the next 12 months. Looking good is often the first step in feeling good, so keep your style current and indulge in some trendy wardrobe pieces each season. Also, keep yourself healthy by exercising regularly and staying hydrated. These tips will ensure you have a great year full of exciting new adventures.

Celebrate in style and feel comfortable in your surroundings by dressing appropriately. Whatever your outfit choice, use bold colors and embellishments to truly stand out. This does not mean to be gaudy; simply take your normal style and add some festive flair.

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