Ultimate Latin American getaways

Very beautiful! That's one way to think of how you will look as you pack that string bikini and head…

Ultimate Latin American getaways
Foto: Wikimedia Commons

Very beautiful! That’s one way to think of how you will look as you pack that string bikini and head off on your next holiday. Whether your idea of a holiday consists of words like sun, sand, and cerveza, or historical, shopping, and sightseeing, you are sure to find that perfect place amongst these Latin American getaways.

Fun in the sun


Known for its famous Carnival, Rio de Janeiro offers up some of the most spectacular fun and beautiful beaches in South America. To enjoy a unique, extravagant vacation, why not head to the Atlantic Coast of Brazil to soak up a little authentic culture, and a lot of authentic sun, as you enjoy a unique, extravagant holiday.


Powder beaches, scrumptious cuisine, and splendid shopping are only a few of the things waiting for you in Playa del Carmen. Located along the Riviera Maya, this beautiful town has a little bit of everything. An exciting nightlife, Mayan ruins, snorkeling, cenote diving, and a relaxing Latin lifestyle. Grab your favorite cocktail and lounge away the afternoon swinging in a beachside hammock.

Costa Rica

If you’re thinking of a Latin American getaway, consider a land of thick jungles and pristine beaches. That is what you will find at Jaco Beach along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Considered the perfect choice for those wanting a beach and adventure combination, it is also a popular choice with surfers from around the world. Jaco Beach is where you will find long golden beaches, cold cerveza, and jungle treks in a laid back atmosphere. You may need to pack a little bit of everything for this beach vacation!

Latin American getaways that offer adventure and learning


How about a Latin American getaway that offers adventure and learning? Consider Guatemala, because, while exploring the Peten Region of this beautiful country you will discover a treasure of exciting opportunities such as Mayan ruins, cobblestone streets, unique shopping, and the beautiful Lake Peten Itza to cool off on a hot day. You may also want to visit the lake to cool off after indulging in some locally made habanero chile salsa!


Add Colombia to your list of possible Latin American getaways. Colombia is worth the trek if you’re all about taking “the road less traveled”. A definite jewel of the Caribbean, Cartagena is an old Colonial town offering more than 500 years of history. You will want to wear your most comfortable walking shoes as you make your way down its many charming streets, many lined with quaint shops and sidewalk cafes. Don’t forget to see the UNESCO world heritage site. Many beautiful, romantic beaches are not too far away, and this pretty town may be the low-key honeymoon spot you were looking for.


For a picture perfect and exceptional holiday, Salar de Uyuni is the place to go. Home to the world’s largest salt flat, here you can camp on the 12,000 square kms of salt tundra. Rent 4×4 utility vehicles for an unforgettable adventure experience, or reserve your room in a hotel made completely of salt. Walking the salt flats of Uyuni is a truly remarkable adventure even for the seasoned traveler who has been on many unique Latin American getaways.