Create an inviting entryway garden

A lovely entryway garden can give your home an inviting and serene appeal. It can also add a touch of…
Create an inviting entryway garden
Foto: Flickr / Andrea

A lovely entryway garden can give your home an inviting and serene appeal. It can also add a touch of character to your outdoor space. Choose plants that are low maintenance and that can thrive in your front yard growing environment and you can enjoy a beautiful garden every time you walk up to your door, even if you don’t have a green thumb!

As with any home project, start with a plan. First, determine what growing conditions you are working with. Do you live in a warmer climate where you can have bold tropical plants, or will you feature hardy evergreen shrubs that will bring vibrant green color to your entryway throughout the year? Do you live in a region with plenty of rainfall and a lot of green options or will you decorate your front yard with enchanting desert shrubs and ornamental grasses? Do you have plenty of rich, well-drained soil to plant a variety of flowers, small trees, and bushes or will you use pots to house your featured foliage? Once you are familiar with your growing conditions and what plants you can choose from, you can start coming up with your layout ideas.

An entryway garden involves two key design elements — the front door and the pathway leading up to the door. To highlight your front door, choose two matching pieces. Use a blend of colorful flowers or bright green ferns in large stone or terra cotta pots to create movable pieces that can be changed with the seasons. Make these door bordering plants bold focal points; they are the grand finale of your entranceway landscaping! Next, line your walkway with foliage. Blend different textures and colors to create a dynamic look. Keep it simple with uniform plants for an elegant garden. Layer your plants with taller shrubs and bushes being planted behind smaller plants and grasses. Finish by adding hanging plants and potted pieces, which can be moved around and easily altered.

For more visual interest, add other pieces to your entryway garden. A small wooden bench, colorful glass pebbles, outdoor lighting, landscape rocks, or even a garden arch arbor can add more visual appeal. You don’t need to saturate your garden with additions, but one or two pieces can add the right finishing touch to your front door landscaping.

Have fun designing and creating your entrance garden. Start with the basics by highlighting your front door and bordering the pathway to your home with low maintenance plants. Then, add more of your own personal style with additional greenery, pretty annual flowers, pots, stones, or whatever decorative pieces capture the look that you want.