Easy home décor for under $100

Could your home use a style makeover but you're short on funds to make it happen? With a little elbow…
Easy home décor for under $100
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Could your home use a style makeover but you’re short on funds to make it happen? With a little elbow grease and a lot of creativity, your home can still be the showpiece you’ve always wanted for under $100. Below are some of our top picks for updating up your nest.

Before you spend a single dollar, try these tips first and see if they’re enough to breathe new life into your home. Rather than taking on the whole home, choose your busiest room and start there. Try rearranging the furniture; sometimes moving a chair or a couch can give a room a new look and a new energy. You can also do a spring cleaning with your existing stuff: getting rid of old knickknacks removes a lot clutter and results in a room that seems bigger and more modern-looking.

For the cost of a single quart of paint (which can run from $15 to $25), you brighten up a room by painting just one wall in an accent color. A cheerful turquoise, a contemplative yellow, or a dramatic burgundy: feel free to consider every color in the crayon box. By keeping it confined to one wall, you get the pop of color without running the risk of overkill. The best part? It costs under $100.

If you’re looking for a complete transformation but don’t want to commit to so much color, opt for painting the whole room a neutral tone. Then dress it up with accessories. Read on for some ideas on how to do that while staying within a budget of under $100.

Picture frames, mirrors, and throw pillows are a great way to shortcut your home to gorgeous for under $100. Switch out the colors of your pillows and throws to stay in season while adding oomph, and use mirrors to add brightness and depth to any room.

The key to getting the most decor for minimum cost is repurposing. Buttons can decorate a frame, and old books can be rigged with brackets to become bookshelves. You can use a scrap of wallpaper to cover a blank canvas for some instant art (you can also use fabric from a beautiful throw or a beloved blankie).

If you want to revitalize a child’s room, try using colorful masking tape to create a picture, or write something inspirational on the wall. Today, masking tape comes in brilliant blues, hot pinks, and many other colors that are perfect for creating an inexpensive mural. Ask your child for help: not only will you redecorate for under $100, but you’ll create some much cherished quality time.

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful home. Keeping a roof over you and your loved ones is something to be proud of, so let your place reflect that. Not only will you feel the joy and tranquility of having your home reflect beauty back to you, but you’ll also have a sense of accomplishment in knowing you were able to do it all for under $100.