Ideas for an efficient 30-minute workout

By integrating a 30-minute workout into your daily routine, you will have more energy.
Ideas for an efficient 30-minute workout
You can mix and match these exercises according to your mood and preferences.
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Finding time to exercise for many people can almost be more daunting than exercising itself, even if we are talking about a quick, 30-minute workout. Between our jobs, children, and life in general, we sacrifice our own well being for the sake of meeting deadlines and maintaining our households.

What we unfortunately overlook is that by fitting in short workout routines three to five times a week, we can actually enhance our busy schedules. Moderate, regular exercise boosts your immunity, heightens your awareness, helps you sleep better, raises your metabolism, and strengthens your body.

By integrating even something as short as a 30-minute workout into your daily routine, you will have more energy to tackle those obligations and feel good about yourself while doing it. If you have access to a gym, an endless array of machines, classes and activities are at your disposition.

Jump on the treadmill and do 1-minute intervals, alternating between a jogging and sprinting pace. Or, if you have bad knees or do not enjoy running, set the incline to 10% and walk. If you are feeling particularly ambitious, grab onto two five-pound weights as you climb.

Other gym-friendly, 30-minute workouts include two games of racquetball, fifteen minutes on a spin bike plus fifteen on a rowing machine, thirty on a stairmill (try not to lean on the machine), and lap swimming. You can also mix and match these exercises according to your mood and preferences as well as throw in a weight training circuit twice a week.

Create a playlist to motivate you, lace up your shoes, and make this the best time of your day. If you do not have a gym membership, use the outdoors to your advantage. Before you hit the pavement or trails, however, consider planning a route. Use the streets around your house to guide you, or consult with a map online to maximize your workout in a minimal amount of time.

If you want to incorporate strength training, stop every five minutes from your jog or power walk and do ten push ups. At the end of the 30-minute workout you’ll have also given your arms and core a decent burn. If you find that you need to stay closer to home, consider jumping rope in your yard or on a patio.

Mix up the pace in order to challenge yourself and take minimal breaks. Incorporating upper body movements such as mountain climbers or planks with this exercise works, too, and will ensure that you maintain an elevated heart rate.

Your house can also be transformed into a workout-friendly place. You can follow your favorite yoga DVD workout or simply alternate between jumping jacks and high knee runs in your living room. Moreover, many of the plyometric movements described above are ideal for the home because they require little space.

The ultimate at home 30-minute workout is performing one hundred burpees. Doing these alone is a complete cardiovascular and strength workout for even elite athletes. Basically, there is no excuse not to fit in a 30-minute workout into your day.

If you belong to a gym, take advantage of it! If not, rely on free, open, outside spaces to get your blood pumping. All you really need is a pair of sneakers, space, and eighteen hundred seconds of motivation.