The benefits of running

Exercise is essential in our daily routines to help us be in good health, but, there are different types…

The benefits of running
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Exercise is essential in our daily routines to help us be in good health, but, there are different types of exercise people do for different things. Running is a great cardiovascular activity that helps the well-being of the heart and also works out your whole body. This is because when you run you use every muscle in your body; executing a full-body movement. There are ups and downs to everything, but this activity has more advantages than disadvantages, and it helps you maintain good physical and mental health.

By physical health it means that it makes your bones and muscles stronger, as well as helps you reduce the chance of getting a cold. People who run long distances have very strong leg bone density. According to a study done in January 2011 by Professor Mike Gleeson from Loughborough University running helps to fight off flu and colds by up to 33 percent. It also helps your heart, we’ve all been hearing about this for years, but it is true. Health experts have said that it helps to keep arteries clear of plaque because it lowers fats in blood, and boosts good cholesterol. You also diminish the risk of getting heart attacks and strokes, and finally, it helps to maintain a stable blood pressure.

It helps you relax and reduce anxiety. It makes you feel happier and less stressed out from the everyday routine. Running also gives you a great feeling of satisfaction when you are done with your session. Runners say that it can boost your mood, confidence, and self-esteem, as well as reduce depression. Next time you run, think about how you feel and you will notice positive changes in your mood and self-esteem.

Many people believe that running will damage their joints, but the benefits exceed the risks. If you have good, supportive running shoes, you will be able to run safely and efficiently. Eating too much can also affect your run, making you feel sick and wanting to vomit. A small portion of fruit and a granola bar could give you the energy you need to have a great run.

Running is a good way to help you keep good physical and mental health. It has many positive effects on your body, mind, and soul. Running helps you avoid heart attacks, strokes, and depression, and helps you have a good night’s sleep.