Winter workwear

Finding appropriate winter workwear can be a difficult task, the staples of cold weather months like…

Winter workwear
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Finding appropriate winter workwear can be a difficult task, the staples of cold weather months like parkas, UGG boots and track suits will never be okay to wear in a professional setting. No matter how casual you may think your office is nobody wants to see your cozy weekend winter attire, so, the trick is to use your regular workwear and find items that can be added to keep you warm. Luckily, most offices will be kept at a reasonable temperature and only your commute will be the coldest part of the day, so it will be important to layer! Here are some options to keep you warm and stylish this winter.

Pashminas, versatile wool wraps, are great for the office. They are extremely fashionable and will keep you warm. All types of scarves are good for office attire since they can easily be taken off if a room gets too hot. Infinity scarves and snoods are trendy and stylish options as well. They can be worn under jackets, over sweaters and pulled around the head during the times you will be outside. Gloves are also an essential while traveling to and from the office. Large or bulky gloves may be the warmest, but they should not be used for work. Stick with a fur lined leather pair of gloves that can easily be stored in a coat pocket for quick breaks outside.

Ankle boots and booties can keep you warm while still fitting nicely under suit pants. Keep your toes especially warm with fuzzy socks. When purchasing work boots like these, it is wise to bring in a pair of your thickest socks when trying them on. You may need to buy at least a half size larger than normal. The size sacrifice will be worth it when your feet are toasty warm at work.

Trench coats and pea coats are extremely fashionable and will never go out of style. Invest in a warm, neutral colored coat that can be worn over any work outfit. Avoid anything too bulky as it will not look professional and streamlined. Layered with a warm sweater and scarf, a nice lined coat should be sufficient in keeping you warm at the office. If you prefer trendier jackets, opt for a less expensive purchase each season. This way you can get a bold color or embellished coat that is trendy for the year without feeling guilty. Although do not skimp on lining, make sure it will keep you warm while still being stylish.