Landscaping on a budget: Thrifty ideas for your yard

Think outside the box, the big box store that is, when you're trying to beautify your yard on a budget.…

Landscaping on a budget: Thrifty ideas for your yard
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Think outside the box, the big box store that is, when you’re trying to beautify your yard on a budget. Instead, look to nontraditional ways to get mulch, flowers, and yard decor. Landscaping on a budget simply takes creativity.

Have you been putting off tree trimming or removing those bushes in the backyard that you never liked? If you’re doing this lawn maintenance task yourself, or hiring someone to do it, save the leftovers.

Rent a mulching machine for a few hours and get to work. If you have several limbs to mulch, you could end up with large pile of wood mulch for the cost of renting a mulching machine, which is less than those neat prepackaged bags of mulch you’ll buy at the store. Now, that’s landscaping on a budget!

Are you trying to beautify your neglected flower gardens, or add some color to the front of your home? Make your budget stretch the farthest by choosing plants that will grow back each year. Look for perennial, not annual, flowers. These will seed themselves or multiple from underground tubers each year, making them the most economical flowers you can buy.

Or, get friendly with the neighbors. Some communities host flower swapping parties where neighbors help thin out one another’s flower beds and gardens then swap the leftovers. This keeps native species thriving and brings a cohesive look to the neighborhood. Plus, it’s a great way to learn more about the people in your neighborhood.

When you go over to a friend’s home, do you marvel at the interesting things they place in the yard? From bird baths with patterns you’ve never seen, to that crafty flower planter on the deck, you can have those same great ideas. Think recycled when you’re focusing on landscaping on a budget.

Head to thrift stores to look for creative items to place in your outdoor space. For example, well-worn cowboy boots can double as flower planters, an old aluminum watering can is a great container for a tomato plant, and any heavy-duty ceramic bowl can double as a tabletop birdbath.

Not feeling inspired? Go online and search for photos of what you want, such as a trellis. You’ll find dozens of unconventional, landscaping on a budget ideas, such as converting an old bed frame, weaving together old tree branches, or even bringing life to that stack of old picture frames collecting dust in the basement.


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