Thick hair tips

Try these hair tips to manage thick, coarse hair that can be difficult to keep healthy and looking good.…
Thick hair tips
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Try these hair tips to manage thick, coarse hair that can be difficult to keep healthy and looking good. Women of Latino decent are likely to have thick, wavy hair which can be both a blessing and a curse. The television ads showing healthy, flowing hair is hard to obtain. Yet when you properly care for your hair and get the right cut you can have beautiful hair that every woman will envy. Follow these tips to get the most out of your mane.

Women will often spend a substantial amount on shoes yet expect to pay only a few dollars for hair-care products. What you put on your locks will define how they look, so it makes sense to only choose quality products that will bring out the best in your hair. Look for products that are made especially for thick hair, if yours is also dry, make sure the labels specify that it is moisturizing as well. Seaweed and aloe vera extracts are great ingredients to naturally hydrate hair. Look for these ingredients in your shampoo or conditioner. On the other hand, skip shampoos which list sodium lauryl sulfate as an ingredient as this chemical will dry hair out with repeated uses.

Although thick, wavy hair is gorgeous, when cut improperly it can look too heavy and stiff. With the right cut you can add movement and style to your locks. Start by layering hair throughout, this will help give a softer look by minimizing volume. Face framing layers are especially good and can be accentuated with bangs. Side swept or blunt cut bangs will work with thick hair and help hair stay out of the face.

Styling thick hair can be quite a chore, simply because of how much hair there is to work with. For casual days you can get away with minimal styling. Simply pull hair into a classic braid and let face framing layers fall forward. Evenings out and nicer occasions call for more time. After showering, use a smoothing oil, like Moroccan, and blow dry hair with a round brush. Once hair is lying flat you can use a large barrel curler to make natural waves. Use a finishing spray and smoother to keep strands shiny throughout the day. When you want to use a flat iron be sure to apply protective products before use as hair will dry out easily. These hair tips are the first steps to getting the hair you want.