4 Ways to add storage space to your home

Everyone can use a little help getting organized. The first step to enjoying a neat home is having enough…

4 Ways to add storage space to your home
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Everyone can use a little help getting organized. The first step to enjoying a neat home is having enough storage space to tuck everything away. With a little creativity and DIY ambition, you can clear the clutter quickly. Here’s how!

Head to the home improvement store, and stock up on clear, slender totes. These tuck neatly out of the way under beds, love seats, couches, armoires, and nearly any elevated piece of furniture.

Use the totes to declutter piles of shoes in closets; store the off-season shoes under the bed. Or, organize your child’s bedroom by packing the totes by topic. For example, all action figures can go in one tote, while another is just dress-up play clothes. The child can easily slide a tote out from under the bed and have fun. Then, tidy the room in minutes by placing the toys back in the tote.

We tend to tuck things in closets and behind furniture. But, look up at all that unused space. Do you have a collection of figurines hiding in storage boxes or a great set of antique cookbooks from your grandmother that should be on display?

Hang shelves high on the wall to display items you won’t touch or use often. Look at the space above windows, tall furniture, or appliances. Wouldn’t your hubby’s collection of Mexican beer bottles look interesting above the stove, high on the kitchen wall?

There’s always untapped wall space just begging to be used. Peek in the bathroom. If you haven’t installed corner shower or tub surround shelves, you need to. These waterproof shelves are a great place to hide bottles of shampoo, soap, and other bathroom goodies.

Do you have a storage cupboard above the toilet tank? You should. Look at home improvement stores for easy-to-assemble kits. These storage spaces are perfect for tucking away towels, beauty products or extra rolls of toilet paper.

Yes, you’ll need to call a carpenter or your handy uncle to complete this project. But, imagine converting each step on a staircase into a storage drawer. There’s no reason you can’t transform this wasted space into a useful storage space.

Then, tuck away things you only use on occasion, such as holiday decorations, specialty cooking tools, or extra bedding. There’s no need to keep these items in your main living space where they take up precious room and create clutter.