Budget tips for a family ski weekend

To get the best bang for your buck it pays to be flexible. This stands true for any type of travel.…
Budget tips for a family ski weekend
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To get the best bang for your buck it pays to be flexible. This stands true for any type of travel. The more flexibility you can manage, the more deals will open up to your advantage. Booking a family ski weekend on a budget can be done with a little flexibility and some patience.

By shopping around a few weeks beforehand you can get a feel for what a weekend skiing can cost, compared to what you can make a weekend away actually cost. Before the slopes turn white and the lines even begin keep your eyes open for early bird deals. You can generally find discounts on ski rentals, hotel or chalet stays, and lift tickets, simply by booking well in advance.

There are many ways to save a few dollars here and there on a ski weekend that can add up to big savings in the long run. Check with a few choice ski resorts for shuttle buses. Many resorts offer transportation to and from major cities. This route is usually less expensive than driving yourself.

Instead of opting for pricey hotels, search for private condo or house rentals instead. You will often find these types of places advertised under vacation rentals. Why pay several hundred dollars a night when you can stay an entire week for the same cost. If you find a large enough place, invite friends to help split the fees.

Anyone who has paid full price for soft drinks or other snack foods at a ski resort will know how quickly it can add up. Pack special ski weekend lunches for you and your kids. Not only will you save a bundle on overpriced resort food, you will also be utilizing that kitchen in your private vacation rental.

With a quick search, you can learn the requirements to getting discount lift tickets. Look for group or family rates and begin rounding up the troops. You may even be able to get an additional discount by purchasing online, or making your ski weekend ticket purchase at the beginning of the ski season.

Another budget tip for a family ski weekend is to avoid the skiing high season. Skiing during weekdays is often less expensive than skiing on weekends, but skiing during popular holidays such as New Year’s comes with a high price. This is where being flexible can save you money. Try booking your family ski weekend before or after major holidays. Not only will you get a better deal, the lines will be much shorter.