Changing Your Career

A new year can mean a new you, and what better way is there to start a new year than by changing your…
Changing Your Career
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A new year can mean a new you, and what better way is there to start a new year than by changing your career. This is the time to start thinking about what you really want to do with your life, and start taking steps towards a job change in the future. It may not happen overnight, but you can start planning for a career change.

If your thinking about changing your job then have a look at some employment websites like Monster or Indeed . What type of jobs are on offer? Are there openings in the career you would like to follow? Check out what is available and what skills or qualifications you need. Dust off your resume and give it a fresh look. Update your information and bring all your experience and skills up-to-date. Make sure that your qualifications and skills, the ones most relevant for your new career, stand out and make you look like the ideal candidate.

If you are thinking about changing your career, but feel that you may need new qualifications or certification, look around to see what courses are available in the New Year. There could be some short courses that you could take to update your resume, or distance learning courses that will prepare you for a new career path. Check out local education centers to see what’s on offer, or ask for local college adult education prospectuses to see if there are any evening classes coming up. You can start to re-skill and qualify in new areas at the same time you start your job search.

Start practicing your interview skills when considering changing your career. You may be a little rusty with interviewing, or you may not have had much success previously. Find a friend you can practice with and become more comfortable about answering questions. When you are changing your career interviewers will expect you to know something about the industry or company you hope to work for. While you are job-seeking spend the time reading about the latest developments and trends so that you come across as knowledgeable in your field at interview. Treating yourself to a new set of interview clothes in the sales can help you feel smart and confident when you visit prospective employers.

Changing your career takes planning and organization. Dust off your resume, browse job sites, consider taking new qualifications and practice your interview skills. By putting time into planning your new career path, you will be well on the way to changing your career.