Copying the style of Sara Ramirez

For those of you that don't know, Sara Ramirez is a beautiful and talented award-winning actress/singer/songwriter…
Copying the style of Sara Ramirez
Foto: Photo by kndynt2099 via CCL

For those of you that don’t know, Sara Ramirez is a beautiful and talented award-winning actress/singer/songwriter of Mexican and Irish descent, with a curvy figure men lust after, and whose style is often emulated, and with good reason. This raven-haired beauty lights up the screen with her gorgeous smile every time she enters a room in her role as Dr. Callie Torres on Grey’s Anatomy, and you’re often left guessing as to what her hairstyle will be. Her versatile and confident fashion sense off screen and on stage has captured the imaginations of women everywhere, and with a little effort you too can get it at home.

Her face is often framed with layers. If you’ve got the long, silky locks to rock, consider a side part or bangs to get two of the most popular looks Sara Ramirez is known to wear, and maybe add a little wave to it while you’re at it. Her thick, lustrous hair is often seen with a body wave or curl that gives her a glamorous, old school look that is drop-dead gorgeous. Add a few drops of a defrizzing serum to the palms of your hands and smooth on the shine before running a styling wand or curling iron over your hair to add polish.

Her makeup is fairly natural for the most part, and it suits her well. Too many women make the mistake of overdoing it with heavy foundations and eye makeup. What color she does apply to her face is centered on the apples of her cheeks for a rosy glow. But the one signature beauty look Sara Ramirez is well known for is her perfectly shaped eyebrows, with their high arcs, or peaks. You’ll need a fuller brow to begin with if you want to copy this particular look. Take a pencil and, holding it from the bottom, rest it gently across the bridge of your nose at an upward angle. Where the pencil exits your brow is where you want your arch to begin. Remember, never tweeze above your eyebrows, only below.

In public Sara Ramirez usually wears dark colors such as black, with its ultra-slimming effects, along with grays, dark blues, and jewel tones. With her fantastic coloring, she looks every bit as stunning in emerald green as she does in sapphire blue or a deep garnet or ruby red. To copy Sara’s look concentrate on these wardrobe colors.

Although Sara Ramirez is often seen in body-hugging fashions to accentuate her curves, they’re often accompanied by structured jackets and blazers that lend a finished look to the overall outfit she’s wearing. She seems to adhere to a simple less-is-more rule of thumb without a lot of fuss, that more stars would be wise to follow. You can go to Sara’s official website for more examples of her stellar style.