How to make corn tortillas fast and easy

No Mexican meal is complete without tortillas, and while they exist in every variety imaginable it always…
How to make corn tortillas fast and easy
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No Mexican meal is complete without tortillas, and while they exist in every variety imaginable it always seems to come down to one basic question: corn or flour? While both are tasty, and complete any meal they’re served with, corn tortillas are the healthier of the two at half the calories than that of flour. And while flour tortillas contain more protein they also have more fat and carbs than the corn ones. With these benefits in mind, we offer you an easy recipe on how to make corn tortillas, so you can enjoy this simple but delicious staple of Mexican cuisine.

In a medium bowl combine masa harina and one cup of water, begin kneading and continue to knead the mixture while adding about a tablespoon of water at a time until a dough forms. This is a big part of learning how to make corn tortillas, you want the same consistency as cookie dough so add a little flour if your mixture is too sticky, or water if it’s too dry. Continue kneading, and then cover with a moist cloth and let sit for thirty minutes.

Heat up a griddle or large skillet pan on medium heat.

Taking your dough, divide it into about fifteen equal pieces, rolling each one into a ball. You might have one more or less, but the key is that they’re roughly the same size. Take a plastic square and lay it on the base of your tortilla press or another surface you can use (make sure it’s going to remain bigger than the finished rolled tortilla).

Place a ball on the press (or surface) just off center, since that’s the best place for round tortillas. Cover with the other piece of plastic and gently mash down just enough to flatten the ball. Close the tortilla press (or press down with pan, or roll out with rolling pin).

Check the edges of your first tortilla, if they’re raggedy or cracked you need to add more water to your mixture (not a lot, start with a teaspoon at a time until the edges become smoother). If your dough is sticking to the plastic squares you need to add more flour until the problem is resolved.

Once you have a raw tortilla you’re happy with carefully peel the plastic off and place the tortilla on the griddle, cook for about fifteen to thirty seconds on one side until the edges begin to dry, it puffs up, and turns brown in spots. Flip over and repeat on the other side before transferring it over to a towel or cloth.

Don’t be disappointed if your first batch doesn’t turn out looking exactly like the ones you buy in the store, despite the simple recipe it takes a little practice to get the dough the right consistency and always obtain the perfect shape and color. But as long as it’s fresh and homemade, no one will care what they look like, your efforts at learning how to make corn tortillas will not be taken for granted!