How to wear sexy lingerie all day without getting a wedgie

That cute little teddy doesn't have to wait for date night. If you love the look of lace and the feel…
How to wear sexy lingerie all day without getting a wedgie
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That cute little teddy doesn’t have to wait for date night. If you love the look of lace and the feel of wearing something a little naughty, go for it! Lingerie isn’t just for an evening rendezvous. Here are four ways to slip into something sexy during the day.

Do you love layers? If you reach for tank tops often, try swapping today’s tank with a sexy teddy or silk camisole. This works best when you’re using the layering technique to add a pop of color or texture to your outfit.

A peek of black lace or shiny silk looks feminine behind a tailored blazer or form-fitting sweater, plus the lingerie makes you feel extra pretty for the day. As a bonus, you’re already dressed for any steamy evening plans.

OK, so hardly any women wear slips anymore, but, if you’re sporting a sheer sundress or a curve-hugging little black dress, that extra layer of clothing can make a huge difference in your appearance.

Next time you slip into a dress or skirt, consider wearing a sheer nighty underneath. You get to enjoy the smooth fabric all day long and the slip-like effect of the lingerie hides panty lines. Plus, a nighty-turned-slip reduces pesky static cling and makes it impossible to see through lightweight fabrics.

If you haven’t taken inventory of your everyday undergarments lately; take a peek at your stock of panties. Are they fading, stretched out and generally not so sexy? It’s time to fill your lingerie drawer with some alluring bras and panties.

To avoid annoying wedgies, opt for boy-cut panties instead of skimpy thongs or bikini-cut panties. And, you don’t have to forgo support for sexiness in the bra department. Simply look for decorative lingerie with wide straps and a little extra padding to amplify your look.

If you think wearing leg coverings went to the wayside, think again. Yes, nude pairs of nylons are best left for your grandmother. But, if you haven’t shopped for pantyhose in the last few years, you have a sexy treat waiting for you.

Pantyhose has turned into lingerie. From daring fishnets to lacy-patterned hose, these leg coverings can add sex appeal to your outfit in minutes. Imagine amping up your favorite pencil skirt with sheer black pantyhose embroidered with a thick black seam or delicate twisting vine running up the back of each leg.