Making Holiday Wreaths

Making holiday wreaths is not only a wonderful tradition and pastime, but many have also found ways…
Making Holiday Wreaths
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Making holiday wreaths is not only a wonderful tradition and pastime, but many have also found ways to profit from these efforts. You can invest a lot of money into the creation of these wreaths, or you can opt to work on a simpler do-it-yourself wreath project. No matter how you are making wreaths, here are some tips to take under consideration:

Create a wreath from foliage mixed with fruit, when making wreaths from fruit and foliage you can approach this in a couple of different ways. For example, you can make a large foliage wreath and nest a smaller wreath made from fruit in the inside of the ring. Or, you can create one large wreath with the foliage as the backdrop and the fruit as the ornamental embellishment. You can also encircle the entire outer ring of the wreath and the entire inner circle of the wreath with fruit or candy.

Making holiday wreaths from pinecones is a simple project, because you are using a ready-made foam wreath as the base. You can paint the pinecones in different colors to add some fair to this wreath’s design, or you can paint them one uniform color. If you choose to paint them one uniform color, then add some pops of colors using fruit, colorful bows, greenery, or ornaments. To attach the pinecones to the foam, use florist tape to add florist picks to the bottoms of each cone. Then, insert each pinecone into the foam. Or, if you want a more whimsical look, use a hot glue gun to attach the pinecones in different positions throughout the foam circle. It is up to you how you design any of the holiday wreaths.

Wrapping a wreath is another option using foam circles for making holiday decorations. Use your favorite material to wrap the foam circle. This can be yarn, fabric, ribbon, or felt. Consider using a material that is a uniform color to create a consistent look throughout the wreath. That way, you can add pops of color using bows, evergreens, pinecones, and holly.

Create Nature Themed Holiday Wreaths, much like the pinecone wreath, these holiday wreaths focus on nature. Consider making one completely out of acorns. To keep the natural look consistent don’t add any additional colors or embellishments. If you want to add a bow, consider using twine or rick-rack that is in the same color palette as the natural element you’ve themed this wreath after. That way, the colors do not detract from the natural look you’re going for. It is one of the holiday wreaths themes everyone seems to love.