Simple tips for a guest room with style and comfort

Are you wondering if you should turn that spare, catch all bedroom into a guest room? Well, if friends…
Simple tips for a guest room with style and comfort
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Are you wondering if you should turn that spare, catch all bedroom into a guest room? Well, if friends and family from far afield regularly stay overnight, dedicating that unused room to guests makes sense. But where should you begin? First, take inventory of what your spare bedroom already has in terms of furnishings, wall colors, windows, window treatments and closet space. From there, you can decide what more you may need for your redo project. Here are tips to create a stylish and comforting refuge for your next visitors.

Nothing changes the tone of a room quicker than a new coat of paint. For a guest room select a color that is serene and welcoming. Very dark colors, while a bold statement, can feel claustrophobic. Additionally, a strong and soothing contrast can be made by painting your walls one color, and using a high-contrast, glossy white to paint around any door or window frames.

When outfitting your room, consider this an opportunity to let your inner feng shui expert run free. Here are a few items you might incorporate into your guest room:
• A nightstand with an easy-to-reach reading lamp
• A lounge chair with ottoman provides your guest somewhere to sit beyond the corner of the bed
• Visible and accessible electrical outlets, better yet provide a charging station on a shelf or console
• Closet space with a few hangers and room to stow unused luggage
• Electronics such as an alarm clock, or a TV with cable or DVD player

How to address that vexing guest room question of singles or doubles? Easy. Do as the Europeans do. An excellent workaround for singles and doubles is to have two twin beds, dressed in separate but matching bedding and pushed together. Then, if you have a couple visiting, they can be together. But, if you have a couple of visitors who may not be so close, then the beds can be separated. This solution also works well with elderly couples who may want to sleep near one another but still maintain their individual space.

If a pet is among your guests, it’s a nice idea to provide an extra placemat and travel bowl set for your four-legged visitor.

Don’t forget that part of your guest room extends to the bathroom. Decide which bathroom your guest will use and set it up with a few amenities they will no doubt appreciate. Nice touches include providing new, sample-sized toiletries along with a small mesh sponge for their use. Furthermore, make bath and hand towels handy by either placing them on an easy-to-reach shelf, or by placing them in a wrapped raffia ribbon. Finally, provide your guests with a bin, a small woven basket works nicely, for dirty clothes and towels. This can be placed either in the bathroom or in the guest room.

Be warned, however, if you use too many of these ideas in your guest room makeover, your guests may never leave!