Spring 2013 bags

A purse is the one accessory every woman must have. It is both fashionable and functional. The trendy…
Spring 2013 bags
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A purse is the one accessory every woman must have. It is both fashionable and functional. The trendy spring 2013 bags have been revealed in fashion magazines and will soon be in stores. Be the first to have one of these bags and look fashion forward this spring. The most current runway trends may not always be practical so take some inspiration from these high end fashion lines and choose a bag that is right for you. Budget bags can be found in even the trendiest styles.

For spring 2013 hobo bags are out and structure is in. The past few years the hobo and slouch style had really taken over the fashion world and this spring there will be a major bag makeover. The newest trend is box shaped and structured satchels. Available in all sizes, from the clutch to the oversize purse, boxy is in. Designers such as Balenciaga, Lanvin and Louis Vuitton revealed very structured bags on the fall runway. Rochas displayed a very functional bag with double zippers and mid-sized, the type of bag that can easily go from runway to your home.

Colors will stay bold and bright this spring. Prada went as far as to unveil some print bags which have not been very popular in recent years. The key is to add a pop of color to your wardrobe by adding a statement bag. Burberry had plenty of block colored purses revealed for spring, with blue and yellow being popular colors. Coral tones will still be trendy for 2013 as will some neon colors. Neon works best with matched with neutral colors, especially black and tan. Kate Spade has the perfect example of using bright colors properly, her yellow structured shoulder bag is block colored with tan, and has a simple gold closure.

This spring 2013 bags will be simple. The days of tassels and rhinestones are over and flat leather is in. The only embellishments being seen in trendy purses comes in the form of silver and gold buckles. Clutches are also seeing a shift, with large bows being the hottest trend, and sequins being displaced. Most of the bold prints being used are seen on clutches. Giorgio Armani has created clutches that match the fabric seen on some the spring clothing line as well. These bags may not be very versatile but having one matched bag in your repertoire is a fall trend must-have.