5 Places to get home design inspiration

Not sure what colors go together? Do you want to express your Hispanic heritage in a classic way? Turn…

5 Places to get home design inspiration
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Not sure what colors go together? Do you want to express your Hispanic heritage in a classic way? Turn to other homeowners for a healthy dose of home design inspiration. You don’t have to be an interior designer to make your home look magazine-cover worthy. You just have to know how to do some research.

Browse your favorite blog host websites for some first-person design ideas. Homeowners love to show off their remodeling projects and progress as they build. Use their experiences to get ideas for your own home. Blogs are a great way to learn about current trends in both home interior and exterior design. You can see the remodeling process from start to finish with pictures and unbiased commentary from homeowners, not contractors.

Head to the bookstore and browse the magazine racks for inspiration. This is a great way to get home design ideas for a very specific look. Trade publications tend to focus on specific topics such as log cabin homes, adding Southern charm, seaside homes, or remodeling on a budget. Clip photos from magazines to create a home design inspiration board. Browse the magazine ads to decide on brands of home remodeling products to research.

Jump in the car and drive around. Take your camera and snap pictures of anything you love. Home design isn’t limited to the interior. Make a digital scrapbook of gardens, fence styles, porch designs, exterior paint color combinations, and landscaping that you’d love to incorporate into your own property.

Every large city has home improvement stores. Visit these DIY retailers and browse the aisles. Look for free paint swatch samples, brochures, and flooring samples to take home with you. Look at the samples several times in various lighting conditions to determine if you really do love the home design ideas you’ve thought of in your head. Paint colors look very different in daylight versus electric light.

Want to see more finished home interiors up close and personal? Go on a tour. During the holiday season many large cities offer a tour of homes. People open their houses to the public to get holiday decorating ideas. But, in addition to getting into the seasonal spirit, you can look closer at window choices, types of flooring, and ideas for how to design your new kitchen. Look beyond the obvious holiday decor to get more home design ideas to add to your home remodeling wish list.