5 unique gifts for any occassion

Gift giving can definitely be a challenge. If you are giving gifts to someone you've known for a long…

5 unique gifts for any occassion
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Gift giving can definitely be a challenge. If you are giving gifts to someone you’ve known for a long time, running out of unique gifts is a common problem. It is also common to feel at a loss for ideas when you need to choose a gift for elderly people, such as grandparents, or the neighbors who already have everything!

If you find yourself in a gift-giving predicament; this list of ideas will help you when it comes to giving that perfect one-of-a-kind gift.

Although most gift certificates are prepaid cards for retail stores, this does not mean you cannot branch out to personalize your own type of gift certificate. If you have someone on your list who admires their neighbor’s lush rose bushes, flowering trees, or plush lawn, this could be a prime opportunity to grant their wish. Contact your local garden center, or neighborhood mobile garden company, to install a new lawn, bushes, or flowers. It is a gift that will continue to give year after year.

Gift certificates do not have to be only about greenery. Contact local companies for other much-needed services such as snow removal. Prepay to have your grandparents or elderly neighbor’s sidewalks cleared of snow in the winter season. How about offering gift certificates to pay for house maintenance such as cracked pathways, small plumbing leaks, professional carpet cleaning, or the annual chimney cleaning; the list is endless.

There are a host of e-book readers available for consumers to quickly and easily load up with their favorite novels. Since e-books are all the rage, offer online credit as one of your unique gifts, or select your own digital books to give. With a quick online search, you will find a host of websites that offer both new and used digital e-books for sale.

If the person on your list has yet to fall in love with digital books, there is nothing better than an old-fashioned print magazine subscription. It is easy, and often less expensive, to order a one-year magazine subscription online. Make sure you have their correct mailing address.

It may not sound personal or gift-like, but anyone who has ever paid for auto maintenance will know it is not cheap. Purchasing unique gifts such as an annual auto club membership, or a much-needed set of tires for that hard-to-please person on your list will be appreciated. Talk with your local mechanic about prepaying to have a vehicle serviced or professionally cleaned inside and out. This is surely one of the most unique gifts.

Electronics are a way of life for many. If you have someone on your list who needs a few unique gifts, considering buying accessories for their favorite electronics. One example is the pop phone handset. This phone handset easily plugs in to a 3.5mm plug on most computers, smart phones, or tablets. When chatting on the phone, they can use the fully featured handset instead, providing a real phone experience. Shop online or in your favorite electronic store for more unique gifts.

Just as popular as digital books, millions of people flock to the Internet to download everything from music and books, to phone apps. and movies. One popular place to go is iTunes where you can stock up an account with credit, or buy credit to give as a gift. The next time they log in to their account they can immediately download their favorite music or applications and thank you for it later.