Erectile dysfunction and its many causes

There are few things that can be as uncomfortable for men to discuss as erectile dysfunction. It can…

Erectile dysfunction and its many causes
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There are few things that can be as uncomfortable for men to discuss as erectile dysfunction. It can be difficult enough to discuss with their physicians, much less with their partners. Men, often as not, identify their sexuality with their virility, and it can be extremely difficult for them to separate the two. Dealing with this sensitive issue will take kindness and understanding on your part, if you’re going to help them through this difficult time. Sure, there are “little blue pills” they can take, but finding out what’s at the root of their problem from a medical standpoint is important, to ensure there’s nothing more serious going on.

For many men, erectile dysfunction can be caused by something as simple as prescription medicines. Medications for high blood pressure medications can be a cause of your man’s inability to achieve or maintain an erection, as can any number of antihistamines, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. There is a whole list of medications posted on sites such as that you and your partner ought to be aware of, and it’s wise for you to check with your family physician or local pharmacist to rule out any of these as the source of his lack of libido, or erectile dysfunction.

To determine physical or organic causes of erectile dysfunction, your partner’s doctor will first need to rule out certain conditions, ranging from the serious, but, manageable ailments such as; vascular and heart disease, prostate cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol and low testosterone levels, among others. It is extremely important that these problems don’t go unchecked, for early intervention and treatment is key to success in treating and surviving many of these ailments.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by psychological issues as well. These causes can often be more complicated to treat than physical conditions, as the mind plays a powerful role in our overall well being. If your partner is suffering from depression, stress, or low self-esteem, this could be behind his inability to perform, and bears further investigation. Treatment for psychological causes of erectile dysfunction can include, but are not limited to, counseling and psychiatric care.

Your role in all of this is pretty straightforward. It’s up to you to be supportive of your partner, and to reassure him that you’ll get through this together. With your support, kindness, patience and understanding, you have the ability to make this extremely difficult period for him a lot more bearable. He needs to know that you still view him as an attractive, virile man, and that no matter what, you’re there for him. Tell him that you desire him for more than just intimate relations. Be careful not to bruise his ego, or lay it on too thick, though. Nobody likes to feel pitied. If he’s not proactive about the situation, you may also need to take the reins as far as scheduling doctor’s appointments and followups, to ensure he explores the origins of the problem and has them treated. In this particular situation, ignorance is not bliss.