Evening Bags

When it comes to accessories, sometimes less is more, and when it comes to evening bags there are four…

Evening Bags
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When it comes to accessories, sometimes less is more, and when it comes to evening bags there are four essentials every woman should have in her closet, because you want to make sure you’re never left without the proper accessory for an evening out. Keeping it simple can ensure that you have the right bag for every occasion. Just be sure to keep the four bags different in style and you’ll have the perfect collection.

Before purchasing an evening bag, it is essential to consider the functionality of the bag. Be realistic and think of everything you’d want to take with you on an evening out: cell phone, ID, credit cards, car keys, cash, touch-up makeup, and make sure you can fit all that in the bag. It doesn’t have to fit your whole life, but it does have to fit the essentials that you can’t live without!

Black is the most basic and classic colored evening bag you can choose. Try to invest in one that is simple, and won’t go out of style any time soon. After all, the more classic the look, the longer you can wear it. The best way to think about the future-proofing of the bag is to ask yourself one simple question: could I have carried this five or twenty five years ago? If the answer is yes, then chances are you’ve chosen a fashion staple that will last you for decades to come.

A nude clutch is important for two reasons: it neutralizes an outfit that has a lot of color or print, and is a safe bet for any day-time event. But if you’re looking for a nude bag that can be worn exclusively for the evening opt for one with a satin finish as the sheen will give it an elegant look, or choose one that is embellished, because the embellishments will help jazz up any outfit.

For an evening look, a gold or bronze clutch is as basic as it can get. Metallic tones dress up outfits and complement almost any outfit. Most evening dresses have three undertones: gold, bronze or silver. By owning these three colors, you can quickly match the vast majority of your evening outfits. The dresses that don’t have one of these three undertones will be easily complemented by a gold or silver accessory.

The “pop of color” evening bag is the one that you can grab when you wear any solid colored dress. Let’s say you chose a hot pink clutch to be your pop of color. You can accessorize this bag with a little black dress, a plain white dress, a gray dress, or pretty much any solid colored dress. This clutch is the one that adds a little excitement to an otherwise basic look.

After investing in the four basic clutches, you should consider expanding your clutch collection with other pop of color clutches such as red, turquoise, kelly green, and royal blue. While these colors are not that diverse, they can be adorned with any simple look.