How to create chic outfits

Chic outfits can be hard to put together. The key is to find a balance between elegance and style. String…

How to create chic outfits
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Chic outfits can be hard to put together. The key is to find a balance between elegance and style. String pearl necklaces and pant suits still have a place in chic fashion but no longer define the look. Create a high fashion outfit for your next event with these wardrobe tips.

Pants and skirts are the beginning of any outfit. Start by choosing a fashionable bottom and build your outfit on that. Ivory or cream color fitted slacks are a great start to creating a chic outfit. The neutral color is easy to build upon and adds a touch of elegance to the ensemble. Choose a fit that looks best on your body type. Fitted styles, including a tapered leg, are ideal. Avoid pleats which can make any shape look wider.

A great blouse should be in every woman’s closet. Since the outfit starts with a neutral pant, this component can have a little more pop. Choose a blouse that has a bold print or interesting neckline. Women with a smaller bust will benefit from mock turtlenecks as well as button up styles. For a fuller figure choose v-neck and scoops to enhance your natural shape. Silk and lace are the best options when going for a chic and sophisticated look.

Top off the perfect blouse and slacks with a high fashion blazer. The key to this wardrobe piece is to choose a blazer that is fitted and sits at or above the waist. Any longer and the outfit takes a much more casual feel. Blazers should not match the color or material of the slacks chosen. Find one that offers complimentary designs or colors that will be versatile enough to work with other outfits as well.

Chic outfits are made complete with the right jewelry. As mentioned before, pearls still have a place in this day. Pair a classic string with a bold blouse to add a touch of elegance to a more contemporary look. If pearls would not work with your outfit there are other pieces that might. A classic broach, statement necklace, or fashionable earrings are great additions to any chic outfit. Bib necklaces look especially good with open collared shirts and scoop necks.

For chic outfits it is best to avoid heavy looking shoes which includes boots, loafers, and wedges. The best shoes for this ensemble would be heels. Choose a stiletto heel no more than 2 inches high. Embellished and bold colored heels would add a touch of trendy style to an overall elegant and chic look.