How To Make A Cuba Libre

Do you long for a taste of the tropics? If so, you might just fall in love with the sunny taste of a…

How To Make A Cuba Libre
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Do you long for a taste of the tropics? If so, you might just fall in love with the sunny taste of a Cuba Libre. There’s nothing like the taste of pure sunshine in your glass, especially when that sunshine has a bit of rum spicing it up. Feel like a pirate on vacation when you sip this fun drink, impress your friends with your mixology skills, and maybe even pop on an eye patch.

It’s very easy to make this particular drink, all you need are a few simple ingredients. Let’s work on this step by step. Don’t worry; you’ll be a pro shortly. Don’t forget to drink the first two or three you make – just for testing purposes. We wouldn’t want your friends to get funky tasting drinks, would we? Always remember that your drinks taste better after you’ve had a few yourself.

Let’s get started!


2 ounces of rum

1 fresh lime


Using a tall glass (bartenders use a Tom Collins glass), squeeze the juice from the lime into the glass. Use a good manual juicer with a fine strainer on the bottom. Fresh limes make the best drink, but you can use a teaspoon of bottled.

Add 3 ice cubes (more or less to the taste of drinker). You’ll pour rum over the cubes. Any type of rum is fine to use, but the darker the rum, the better. For the most authentic flavor choose the darkest rum you can find. Spiced rum adds flair, much like your eye patch. To find your favorite Cuba Libre you’ll have to try a few different kinds of rum.

Most bartenders drop the hollowed out lime shell into the glass and pour cola over it. This works well, but for even more tropical flavor, thinly slice another lime and drop several slices into the glass, and finally fill the glass with cola. Another version of this drink uses a spiral lime peel slipped into the glass before ice. Place the ice in the middle of the peel spiral to hold it in place.

Be careful to use only the best ingredients when preparing a Cuba Libre. While bottled lime juice and generic cola will make a Cuba Libre, it just doesn’t taste as great as one made with fresh limes and real Coca Cola. Pepsi fans will find that the lime flavor doesn’t mingle well with the sweetness of Pepsi.

Another twist on this favorite is to drop in a few cherries, they add flavor and a festive look to the Cuba Libre!