Long legs; finding fashions on the Internet that will work for you

Women of height have a universal problem when it comes to finding clothing to accommodate their long…

Long legs; finding fashions on the Internet that will work for you
Foto: Photo by peter.busse via CCL

Women of height have a universal problem when it comes to finding clothing to accommodate their long legs. Not that having them is a problem. Those of us above the height of 5’7″ or 5’8″ wouldn’t have it any other way. We love our long, shapely legs, but it seems that the odds are against us when it comes to finding pants and skirts of the appropriate length in which to dress ourselves. Well, all that’s gradually begun to change in the last few years, especially with easy access to the Internet that has afforded us with new sites popping up daily catering to everything under the sun. It seems there’s almost nothing we can’t find online nowadays, including fashions for the long-legged gamines among us.

As if we didn’t have enough trouble finding jeans for our long legs, try finding them for waif-like figures. Most any woman with this body type can tell you with a grimace that as a child she was often taken to the boy’s department to try to find pants to fit her. It seems that most little girls need more seat room and less length when it comes to their jeans, and little changes as an adult. Well, with sites like Long Tall Sally, all that is behind us — no pun intended. Long Tall Sally is a fabulous site for women of height, and we couldn’t be happier that our time has finally come. This incredible resource for tall women has been around since 1976 but wasn’t well known until the Internet age was upon us. From fashionable skinny jeans to comfortable mom jeans, they’ve got what you’re looking for.

For the fashion mavens amongst us where nothing but the latest designer duds will do, there is a new site out called Tall Couture that caters to the finer fashions in life. This is a wonderful site for women wishing to include the designer touch to their wardrobe from head to toe. For all the latest fashion trends in all the latest styles in your size and length for long legs, make sure and pay a visit to this haute couture site.

Next on our tour de force of fashion sites with a designer flair catering to our long legs comes Simply Tall. Simply Tall offers simply beautiful hosiery, leggings, sleepwear, slacks, denim, and more, including extended sizes, all with a chic appeal at affordable prices that can be purchased from the comfort of home. If you want more than clothes that will just fit and you’re in step with the latest trends, this site is definitely for you.

One of the best sites out there recently is like a page out of your Cinderella handbook where your fairy godmother has come along and waved her magic wand to turn your dull and sorely lacking apparel for the tall and consequently fashionably downtrodden into a storybook ending with all the shimmer, sparkle, and style you could ask for. Long Legs is a Canadian business that offers some outstanding clothing choices for tall women that shouldn’t be missed. They even have a series on their site entitled “Women of Height” described as “A series featuring women using their height to their advantage” which is meant to inspire. Be sure and check it out!