Picture framing ideas

Family photos are a great reminder of the many happy times we have enjoyed in the past years. A house…

Picture framing ideas
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Family photos are a great reminder of the many happy times we have enjoyed in the past years. A house filled with pictures feels more like a home, a place where our loved ones, past and present, are cherished. Displaying family photos will give children a sense of stability and belonging while also reminding them of vacations and moments that they may otherwise forget. Finding a way to put up an array of photos can be challenging. These picture framing ideas will help you find an organized and stylish way to display these family treasures.

The collage has long been a picture framing favorite. The beauty of this style is you can create many collages in many different themes. They allow you to add a lot of pictures of one event, creating a story on your wall. Vacation collages are a great idea to commemorate an especially exciting, special trip. Find a nice matted collage, preferably with matching wording, and fill it with pictures of the many moments captured on your vacation.

Another great collage idea is a family tree. Find pictures of at least three generations of family and display them in separate frames in a collage type setting. Start with the oldest couple at the top in the largest frames and put ascending generations under them in progressively smaller frames. This collage would be great in family rooms or on stairways and in hallways.

If your home has a more artistic feel, collages may not fit your décor, yet you can still have some family and artistic photos displayed. Use a full wall and map out an area where you can put up frames in a four by four square. Purchase all matching frames with matting. Print out pictures in the same tone as well, such as sepia or monotone. This type of display will look just like an exhibit in a photography gallery!

Homes that have a very boho, chic feel can use several picture framing ideas that enhance that style. While shopping at thrift or antique stores, look for frames that are bold and slightly worn looking. Brass and other metallic finishes are perfect for this project. Embellished and eclectic frames can be filled with any kinds of photo, but, a mix of family and landscape photos would work best. Put all the frames up on one wall and make it obvious that they are not supposed to match.