Plus-size coats to flatter any figure

Buying plus-size coats can be challenging. If you get something too puffy you end up looking like a…

Plus-size coats to flatter any figure
Foto: Flickr / mcmorgan

Buying plus-size coats can be challenging. If you get something too puffy you end up looking like a marshmallow walking down the road, but, if the coat does not have enough weight you will freeze all winter. These are some of the best plus-sized coats in styles to flatter the larger figure.

OK, it’s not technically a coat, but the cape can work quite well for the full-figured woman. These are quite popular, and you can often see them strutting down the runway on pencil-thin models, but you will also find they work well for curvy girls. It covers any bulk around the hips and bust, while still providing warmth. Choose an asymmetrical, multi-layered option for the best look. The one potential drawback of a cape is that it can create a bit of a mushroom effect. You can avoid this by wearing it with a form-fitting bottom option, like a pencil skirt.

Black is one of the most slimming colors you can wear, so a black coat is a good idea when you are trying to minimize your profile. Make sure the coat is cut so that it fits your form well. A trench can be quite figure-flattering, and these often come in black. You don’t want something that will add bulk, but rather something that will accentuate your curves. Opt for something with funky embellishments, like bit buttons or a unique, eye-catching collar.

Large trim, like a faux fur trim around the collar and bottom of the coat, draws the eye away from the bust or middle, and makes your profile look longer and slimmer, making these ideal as plus-size coats. Pair one of these plus-size coats with an outfit that includes leggings or skinny jeans, and you have a very slimming look. Make sure that the trim along the bottom falls past the waist and hips for the most flattering look. Also, opt for a style with subtle trim around the collar.

Some styles should be avoided when shopping for plus-size coats. The bubble coat, for example, is not a flattering look for the larger shopper. It adds bulk where there should be none, which is never ideal. Also, avoid extremely bright colors when buying plus-size coats, even though these are hot trends right now. They may look fine with one or two of your outfits, but they will not work well as a season-long coat, and sometimes the brightness will draw attention where it should not be. Finally, avoid shopping for coats if you can’t try them on. Online shopping for coats is great, but only after you have gone to the retailer to try on some styles and know your size and the most flattering style for your needs. By keeping these tips in mind and shopping for these figure flattering styles will help your you find plus-size coats you can wear with confidence.