3 Ways to control body odor during your workout

Body odor can be an unpleasant part of your workout. When you manage to fit exercise into your busy…
3 Ways to control body odor during your workout
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Body odor can be an unpleasant part of your workout. When you manage to fit exercise into your busy day, the foul smell is the last thing you want to experience. Reduce the odor by following these three highly effective tips.

The odor is the unpleasant smell that emits when perspiration combines with bacteria on your skin. When you apply an antiperspirant to your underarms, the product controls the amount of sweat that emits from your underarms as you exercise. Antiperspirant keeps your skin dry, which keeps bacteria and resulting odors at bay. Deodorant, on the other hand, blocks body odor rather than sweat. Deodorants are “usually alcohol-based and turn your skin acidic, making it less attractive to bacteria,” according to a recent Mayo Clinic post. Many deodorants have fragrances that mask odor as well.

Another way to control body odor during your workout is to control what foods you regularly eat. As Karen Hellesvig-Gaskell of LiveStrong writes, “cutting down on garlic, onions and other foods with strong odors may help diminish body odor.” Reduce amount of foods with strong smells that you eat and you control the unpleasant odor. Oils and fats from these particular foods mix with sweat that emits from your apocrine glands in your armpits and groin during exercise. Also, limit your intake of spicy foods such as red peppers. If you eat out a lot, ask the kitchen to hold the foods listed here.

The clothes you wear while you exercise are another important consideration. Opt for loose fitting clothing so that, when you sweat, the moisture does not adhere to the garments. The longer that sweat sits on fabric, the more likely it is to attract bacteria, which leads to body odor. Also, choose lightweight fabrics to prevent excess sweating. If you exercise outside, wear layers that you can take off or put on as your body temperature fluctuates. You may wish to buy clothes with wicking fabrics as well. The pieces, sold online and in-store, wick moisture from your body to outer layers of the clothing. Less moisture means bacteria that causes odor is less likely to breed. Many of the items are polyester blend and popular items for women are t-shirts, jackets, and pants.

Follow these three tips to reduce embarrassing body odor the next time that you work out. Before your exercise routine, take time to apply an antiperspirant or deodorant. As well, wear loose-fitting, light clothing to reduce your sweat levels and in turn the amount of bacteria. Reduce your intake of spicy foods and foods with strong smells as a way to reduce odor too. With the three-step plan in place, you can smell fresh even while you exercise. Now that is a great reason to smile!