Baby Shower Decorations: Be Prepared!

Waiting for the arrival of your next baby is an exciting experience, but it can be nerve wrecking, what…

Baby Shower Decorations: Be Prepared!
Foto: Flickr / gracefamily

Waiting for the arrival of your next baby is an exciting experience, but it can be nerve wrecking, what with all the planning involved in getting ready for the new member of the family. Many couples like to have a baby shower, because it’s a fun way for friends and family to gift them the things they are going to need for the new baby. But, some shower planners lack the creativity to make it a memorable event. Baby shower decorations tend to be the same for everybody, so here are a few things you can do to spice up your event.

First, you must come up with a theme that fits the sex of your baby, if you already know it. If not, you can choose a neutral theme that would fit either one. Depending on what the theme is, whether you picked a Mother Goose theme or the Itsy Bitsy Spider, it’s good to have everything match up; the invitations, decor, games, and cake. You can look online for some ideas on baby showers, and many websites provide a baby shower planner you can use to help you get it all together.

Many of the baby shower decorations will depend on the theme you pick. Some themes you may consider are Diapering Mom, Book Shower, Star of the Show, Baby Brunch, and there are many more. Some of these will encourage the participation of the guests. For example, if you choose the Book Shower, you may want to ask guests to bring their favorite children’s book. In a Baby Brunch shower, you can have an early event around 10:30am. In the Star of the Show, you could have a star shaped cake with the name of the baby on it, or write a message like “a star will soon be born”. There are many baby shower decorations you can use, it all depends on what you like and what you’re having!

Baby shower decorations can vary greatly. It all depends on the sex of your baby and what kind of things you like. Remember, it makes it easier to plan a shower when you have a theme picked out. This way you can decorate everything according to the theme. Check out this website to help you plan ahead for a memorable baby shower!