Bio Oil: What You Need To Know

Bio Oil is a specialist product designed for skin conditions such as stretch marks and scars. A lot…

Bio Oil: What You Need To Know
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Bio Oil is a specialist product designed for skin conditions such as stretch marks and scars. A lot of people are looking for a miracle in a bottle, which some users claim it to be. But, is it really? There are some that would wonder how good spreading oil all over their face really is.

While many reviews are stellar, others are very critical of the product. Like quite a few skin care products on the ‘cost effective’ side, it is mineral oil based. Most people believe that mineral oil won’t clog pores, but as a petroleum byproduct, this oil can clog pores and may also add unwanted toxins into the body. Of course, no one is asking that you ingest this product, but the skin absorbs everything it is exposed to. One of the ingredients blended into the product is designed to cause the skin have heightened absorption, something which is a concern due to the possible toxicity of some of the ingredients.

Bio Oil has ‘secret’ ingredients designed to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. Some people use it for liver spots and say that the spots fade, but come back after they stopped using the product. Like any product that is for marks on the skin (like scars), you must use the product consistently and for a long period of time to see results . There is no miracle solution other than plastic surgery to remove large scars or stretch marks. Even the highest priced designer creams need to be used for a long time to see permanent results. Some people that are concerned about organ toxicity should consider the chemical bases in the product; when applied to the skin over a long period of time some of the ingredients are known to affect the organs.

The Environmental Working Group rates products for consumers based on the overall toxicity hazards and hazards to the environment. The EWG lists Bio Oil as high on the hazard risks to humans due to the chemicals used to formulate it. The overall rating for Bio Oil is a 7. You can view more information and a list of ingredients by visiting the EWG webpage for Bio Oil. For many user reviews, you can visit the customer reviews section of Amazon this is where real people tell about their experiences with it. It is up to you and your skin care professional whether Bio Oil is for you.