Make chocolate roses for Valentine’s Day

Perk up the day for that special person when you make chocolate roses for Valentine's Day. Aside from…

Make chocolate roses for Valentine’s Day
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Perk up the day for that special person when you make chocolate roses for Valentine’s Day. Aside from being beautiful to look at, the roses are also a delicious treat that shows you care. This recipe uses semisweet chocolate, although you can use milk, dark, or white varieties with slight variations.

For this recipe, you need 10 ounces of chocolate, which will make several roses of various sizes. Cut break up the semisweet chocolate to make it easier to melt. To melt it, use either a double boiler on the stove or your microwave, depending on your preference. For the stove top method, use low heat to maintain a smooth consistency of the chocolate. Stir pot gently and consistently to prevent clumps. Keep temperature below 115º F, or below 110º F degrees for milk or white chocolate. For the microwave method, place broken up chocolate into a microwave safe bowl, and heat it until it reduces to slightly thick liquid. Reduction takes approximately two minutes. For both methods, transfer melted chocolate to a medium bowl while still warm.

Next, add a third of a cup of light corn syrup into the melted chocolate. Lightly mix the two ingredients until mixture thickens into a thick dough-like consistency. Pour it out of bowl onto a sheet of waxed paper on counter. Spread the mixture out on the sheet to thickness of slightly less than one inch across sheet. Let mixture stand a few hours uncovered to harden it. Here is the base for the chocolate roses.

Dust your counter with cocoa powder for semisweet, milk, or dark chocolate, or icing sugar for white chocolate. Knead the dough over the powder or sugar until pliable. Flatten it with a rolling pin to a thickness similar to width of original mixture on wax paper. Cut out small circles, that will form the rose petals, using a small cookie cutter or rim of a glass. Take one disc, the base of your first rose, and roll it into a cylinder shape. Make the opening at one end smaller than the other end. Next, wrap another disc around the cylinder, bending back the chocolate at the larger end with your fingers and thumb to make the petals. Make each subsequent layer slightly lower than the previous one to create layers of petals. Add more layers to create larger chocolate roses. Once layers are complete, pinch the base with your fingers so that petals stay together.

Making chocolate roses for Valentine’s Day is a thoughtful way to show your feelings for your partner, friend, or other important person in your life. The creation is also an edible treat that satisfies any chocolate craving on Valentine’s Day.