Travel in Style

Most people can only think of two suitable outfits when it comes to traveling, and that's sweats or…

Travel in Style
Foto: SXC

Most people can only think of two suitable outfits when it comes to traveling, and that’s sweats or jeans. Mainly because there is an emphasis on being comfortable while traveling. But, that is far from the truth; you can travel in style without compromising comfort. Looking stylish while traveling doesn’t have to be an impossible dream if you follow these five cardinal rules:

Style should always come second to comfort. Whether you’re selecting your clothes or your accessories, make sure every element is comfortable. Traveling is not the time to wear the shirt that fits a little too snug, the pants that don’t allow you to bend over, or the shoes that look great but slow you down. Pick items from your wardrobe that are both stylish, and comfortable.

Layering is a must when it comes to fashion because it allows you to manage temperature fluctuations. If it gets too warm, you can just remove a layer, and if it gets too chilly, you can add one just as easily.

White clothing looks great, but is not very practical when it comes to travel. No matter what your mode of traveling is, car, train, plane, or boat, the process is dirty. Your attire is prone to getting scuffs or dirty marks. What’s more, there is always the chance of spilling food.

When picking out a hat to wear, ask yourself one question: would I care if this got damaged? If your answer is yes, then pick something else. Sure, you’re not going into battle when traveling, but you can never know what to expect on a long (or even short) journey, so its best not to sport your most expensive clothing. On that note, pick low maintenance attire that is made from a wrinkle-free fabric.

If you’re opting for a more casual look, you can add a little flair into your outfit by trying to add a pop of color. Keep things neutral and add colorful layers (as recommended above) with a bright shawl, a scarf, or an eye catching blazer. Other great options are a colorful belt or some colorful shoes.

The next time you find yourself ready to travel in style, use these five tips to look good, but, if you’re too busy to put together a stylish look, know that by sporting your hair in a sleek ponytail and wearing a pair of sunglasses you can pull together any look.