5 Edible holiday gifts to make at home

The way to anyone's heart is through the stomach. Whether you're a whiz at making spicy salsa or have…
5 Edible holiday gifts to make at home
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The way to anyone’s heart is through the stomach. Whether you’re a whiz at making spicy salsa or have mastered your grandmother’s famous cinnamon-covered pan de polvo cookies, these edible holiday gifts are the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season. Get cookin’!

Make a few jars of pickled vegetables or meats. From pickled pig’s feet and hard boiled eggs, to a seasonal mix of red and green peppers, you can’t go wrong with a jar of pickled treats. If you’re headed to a holiday dinner, consider making a jar of simple relish; carrots, cucumbers, red onions, and tomatoes, to give to the hostess, who will likely add your gift to the feast for everyone to enjoy.

Do you love to make homemade caramels or tiny spritz cookies? Whip up an extra batch and fill decorative holiday tins with the sweet treats. These bite-size, edible holiday gifts are perfect for giving to a teacher, co-worker, or the boss. Just don’t forget to save some of the delights for your own platter of sweets if you’re hosting a holiday gathering.

Head to the produce aisle and stock up on fresh vegetables to make homemade sauces to share. From red enchilada sauce to a chunky salsa or adobo, don’t be afraid to share your culinary favorites at the holidays. Simply make the sauce and package it in a sealed jar topped with a festive ribbon and gift tag. Cute!

When you need edible holiday gifts for someone who also loves to spend time in the kitchen, think of giving a mix. Look up for favorite cookie or bar recipe, and package the measured dry ingredients in a clear glass jar. Write the mixing and baking instructions on a piece of holiday stationery, then use a hole punch to attach the paper to the jar with a piece of colorful yarn. Your gift recipient only needs to add the moist ingredients, mix, and bake.

Not into cooking or baking? Make edible holiday gifts by arranging fresh produce, crackers, meats, or cheeses in a gift basket. With some colorful tissue paper and a ribbon, you can make this gift stand out. For a tropical fruit lover, fill a basket with a fresh pineapple, papaya, a few oranges, limes, and kiwi. For your favorite carnivore, offer a selection of salami, jerky, and dried meats with a box of gourmet crackers.