5 quick steps for gorgeous, healthy nails

Healthy nails are beautiful nails! Take good care of yours with an easy home treatment to soothe, nourish,…
5 quick steps for gorgeous, healthy nails
Foto: Flickr / Maegan Tintari

Healthy nails are beautiful nails! Take good care of yours with an easy home treatment to soothe, nourish, condition, and strengthen. A little tender, loving care can make a huge difference in a short amount of time, no salon appointment required.

To prevent chipping, and to keep your hands looking like you just left the spa, give your nails a trim. Use a pair of clippers to trim to your desired length. Cut straight across. Use a file to create a soft, oval shape, which, according to the founder of Nails Inc., Thea Callen, is the best shape for maximum nail protection. File in one direction, always towards the center, and be gentle!

After trimming and filing, soak your fingertips in a moisturizing, softening rose water and olive oil soak. Rose water smells beautiful, and, it also has therapeutic benefits. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, making it great for treating your cuticles and soothing dry, irritated skin. Olive oil moisturizes with vitamin E and fatty acids. Pour one-half cup of warm water in a bowl. Swirl in two tablespoons each of rose water and olive oil. For gorgeous, healthy nails, soak for five minutes, gently massaging your cuticles.

After soaking, use an exfoliating scrub to gently remove dead skin cells and to boost circulation. You can use your facial scrub, which should also be suitable for the delicate skin of the hands and fingers. Another option is to make your own with a little olive oil and cornmeal. Try other nourishing oils like apricot kernel or sweet almond, which are high in vitamin E, a great beauty vitamin because of its antioxidant and restorative benefits.

Use a moisturizing cuticle cream or hand lotion over your cuticles and all around the nail area. For healthy nails, moisturize all the time, not only during your pampering treatment. Look for moisturizers with nourishing ingredients like Shea butter, and jojoba oil.

The final step for your easy manicure makeover is to strengthen. Nails are made up of a protein called keratin, which is subject to a daily damaging onslaught from things like hot water and cleaning products. Use a base coat or a clear polish that contains protein to help prevent brittleness. According to the Mayo Clinic, adding more biotin to your diet may also help with weak, brittle nails. Egg yolks, Swiss chard, avocados, milk, salmon, and raspberries are all great sources of biotin. You can also talk to your doctor about taking supplements.

You may not always have time to go to the salon or spa for a manicure, but you can always treat your nails at home to keep them healthy and beautiful. Trim and moisturize regularly. When you have a few minutes of free time, give yourself a rejuvenating treatment. Your nails will instantly look amazing. Put on your favorite polish and enjoy your gorgeous look! As a bonus, the extra care will help to prevent future problems.