5th anniversary: Ways to make it special for him

Reaching five years of marriage is quite an accomplishment, especially given the staggering amount of…
5th anniversary: Ways to make it special for him
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Reaching five years of marriage is quite an accomplishment, especially given the staggering amount of marriages that end in divorce. Traditionally, women are the center of attention in an anniversary celebration, but by putting a little thought into a gift idea for your husband, it will make the 5th anniversary very special for him as well.

A touching way to celebrate your anniversary, and make it memorable for him, is by reliving a special moment. If financially feasible, spend a night at the place where you had your honeymoon. You could also take him to dinner at the place where you ate on your first date, or if you celebrate the anniversary at home, prepare him a meal like the one you had that day.

Think back to a time during the five years when he did something special and memorable for you, and return the favor. Perhaps he surprised you one day by planning a date night and taking you to your favorite restaurant or theater? You can treat him to a similar night out for your 5th anniversary celebration.

Wood is a traditional gift for a 5th anniversary, and while at first it may seem like you might be limited by the types of wooden gifts you could give to him, you will be surprised at how many choices you actually have. You could give him an engraved wooden frame to display a picture of the two of you. You could also purchase a wooden plaque etched with his favorite team logo, an autographed baseball bat, a sculpture, or even a grilling set with your wedding date engraved. The possibilities are endless.

Without a doubt, you should celebrate your 5th anniversary by doing something together, be it a dinner, a movie, a walk on the beach, or any other romantic activity that the both of you can enjoy, but as a gift, consider giving him something that he can enjoy, like a pair of tickets to a sporting event or a fishing trip for him and a best friend. Even if you don’t have a particular interest in these activities, giving him the opportunity to partake in them will demonstrate that the gift is really for him. Still, don’t be surprised if he is moved by your thoughtfulness, and prefers to enjoy his 5th anniversary gift with you.

If your relationship has survived what are typically described as the most challenging years of a marriage, then commemorate the occasion by doing something for your husband. Regardless of what you do or give him, by ensuring that it is meaningful and personal to him, you will come across as caring and thoughtful, and he will always remember your 5th anniversary.