About porch decorating

In some parts of the country leaving the Christmas lights up all year round is considered the epitome…
About porch decorating
Foto: Flickr / zieak

In some parts of the country leaving the Christmas lights up all year round is considered the epitome of porch decorating. It’s okay to want your front or back porch to look like something from Martha Stewart’s imagination, instead of a leftover holiday eyesore. Do we really want our home to look like the Griswald family’s all year long?

In days gone by, the most relaxing elements of the front porch were the rocking chairs and the porch swing. It was a welcoming, relaxing place for families to gather. Couples could sit and watch their children play, the grandchildren tooling around the yard, watch the to and fro of the neighborhood, and in the evening watch the sun go down. Ice cold lemonade was a mainstay of these family gatherings, which could occur every day or a few times a year. No one really worried about porch decorating, it was something that just happened or evolved.

The family porch is making a comeback, it has evolved. People are longing for relaxing or rejuvenating ways to decorate their porches. Porch decorating isn’t hard, though it can take a bit of a creative eye. If the artist in you is clamoring to come out, look for ways to give your porch some pizazz by adding a little glamor here and there. Gazing balls near the edge of a porch can be a lovely accent, though too many will end up giving the same effect as those year-long Christmas lights.

Wind chimes can be a homey touch of music. There are many different designs that are made from metal and wood. Be careful not to mix too many, or else the resulting clash of chimes will have you rethink your porch decorating strategy into one of ‘let’s burn all of the chimes’. (Or perhaps your neighbors will do that for you.)

Some of the most ingenious porch decorating ideas come with the holidays; though you can carry over some of those decorations and accents all year. During Easter you may wish to add plenty of pots containing bright flowers; unlike the holiday flags the flowers can stay all growing season. Autumn decorations can easily double for Halloween and Thanksgiving if you choose something that speaks of the season, not just the holiday.

Winter holidays are the same, festive lights and sparkly decorations will make their way into your porch decorating ideas, and this time those lights can stay!