Braided hairstyles you can easily do yourself at home

Braided hairstyles go through phases of popularity. Back in the late '80s and early '90s, the French…
Braided hairstyles you can easily do yourself at home
Foto: Flickr / Waponi

Braided hairstyles go through phases of popularity. Back in the late ’80s and early ’90s, the French braid was all the rage. Currently, hairstyles using braids are very popular, and we’ve put together a few of them you can easily replicate at home yourself.

This braided hairstyle is almost synonymous with Bavarian women during Oktoberfest, is super simple to achieve, and you shouldn’t need any help with it. All you’ll need is a comb, two small hair ties, and a couple of bobby pins. First off, start by brushing your hair out, and then take the end tooth of a comb and part your hair down the middle. Next, starting at the back of the crown, part the back of your hair neatly down the center into two sections. You’re basically hoping to make pigtails here. Once you’ve done that, start braiding one section snugly up near the base of the lower hairline just behind the ear, and then fasten a small hair tie to the end. Now, do the other side exactly the same way. After completing both braids, grasp the end of one braid and pull it up around the side of your head, still keeping it behind the ear, and pin the end in place with a bobby pin. Now, pull the other braid up the same way, but slightly in front of, or on top of the first braid, and then tuck the end under and pin it into place to form a headband, and you’re done. For an added flourish, consider working small flowers or decorative bobby pins into braided hairstyles like these.

There are several variations for braided hairstyles like this. In one variation, if you have thinner hair, you can make one thicker braid on one side and sweep it over and pin it into place. Or, you can take the one-braid theory a step farther and make a fishtail braid instead, and then pull that over and pin it in place. Another variation you can use, instead of pulling the braids around to form a headband, is that you simply curl each braid from the base into a tight coil and then pin them in place. This is a really fun hairstyle for younger women.

Loose, side-swept braids pulled over the shoulder are very popular braided hairstyles right now seen on all sort of celebrities. As a matter of fact, braided hairstyles like this don’t get much simpler and look great with bangs, too. Start by brushing your hair out and pulling it forward over one shoulder and then very loosely braid it down to within a couple of inches from the tip and secure it. As the day, or evening wears on, the braid itself will begin to separate and fray to give you an even looser, softer look.

For this look in braided hairstyles, start by creating a side part or begin slightly off center from a central part, take a small section of hair at the front of the hairline, and either loosely twist it, fishtail braid it, or French braid the section, and tuck it in behind the ear it’s being braided toward for a soft, fairly effortless look, that’s sure to get a lot of compliments. You can also create a zigzag part in the center, and then start making small French or regular braids leading around to the back of the crown where they’ll meet like a chain, you can pin or band them together where they’ll trail down the back.