Clip extensions: what to expect

Women tend to dislike their hair, whether they want it longer, shorter, with more flow, curly, straight,…
Clip extensions: what to expect
Foto: Petr Kratochvil / Public Domain Pictures

Women tend to dislike their hair, whether they want it longer, shorter, with more flow, curly, straight, wavy, or with more volume, they are never satisfied. Fortunately, there are affordable options in the market to make your hair more desirable and unique. Hair extensions provide that look you want. They give your hair more volume, length, and that flowing, natural look.

Each has its pros and cons, that’s why it’s important to talk to a hair professional to see which type works best for your hair.

From personal experience, these extensions are affordable, easy to put in, and look amazing! They’re a good choice whether you are looking for hair with more volume, or longer hair. If you want more volume you would go with the shortest length that’s available, or with the same length as your hair. If you want longer hair, you want to choose extensions that are 18-20 inches long. Any hair extension can look bad if it was not made from human hair. Human hair extensions make your hair look natural and gives it more body. Thankfully, these extensions are now made with 100 percent human hair. In the past they would look and feel fake and flaky, but Leyla Milani made the impossible possible, and developed clip-in human hair extensions.

One of the great benefits of clip extensions is that they do not damage to your own hair, and they only take a few minutes to put in and take out, so easy! With other types of hair extensions you have to go to a salon, the procedure may take hours, and you would usually spend a few hundred dollars. These extensions go for around 100 dollars a package in most stores. Euronext is a good brand to look for, they’re made from Remy hair and have a natural silky feel.

If you want a more permanent style, you may want to go with sewn-in extensions. Clip extensions are for people who want a temporary, new look. They like to switch things up and have a little fun with their hair. Many people who have used these extensions say it can be a little hard to put your hair in a high ponytail because the clips will show, or they may feel uncomfortable. It’s also a little hard to sleep with them in, and they can get tangled during the night.

You can get them at many hair product stores. Sally’s sells many brands that are made with natural hair. You may also find them online, but be careful because what you can’t see or feel can be deceiving. Good luck on your hair hunting experience!