Coat Trends 2013: Coats Stand On Their Own in 2013

Bold is the word that can best be used to describe coat trends this winter season, as this gear looks…
Coat Trends 2013: Coats Stand On Their Own in 2013
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Bold is the word that can best be used to describe coat trends this winter season, as this gear looks to complete its journey from functional necessity to premier statement piece. Winter first impressions are now being made by fur collars and vests, alongside military style trench coats and oversized jackets. In a world Facebook profiles pic’s and Pinterest pins, coats are just as central to creating the look that women want the world to see, as the ensemble underneath. “The coat is the outfit,” says mom and New Jersey-based consultant Marlene Brito. “It’s your first and best opportunity to look good.”

Our nation’s returning soldiers also seem to be influencing the coat trends, both in style and color. “You see a lot of the military influence in things like trench coats and viper jackets,” said Roseanna Garcia, whose LA-based non-profit Fashionista Latina provides mentorship & scholarships for Latinas looking to break into the fashion world, “Even camouflage print is in. It may not be your traditional camouflage, but its similar in shapes and colors.”

Adriana Escalante Calderon has photographed some of fashion’s biggest events, including 10 seasons of New York’s Fashion Week. The Washington DC-based entrepreneur sees the full embrace of colors like deep red, and burgundy as just part of the larger role that clothing plays in creating an image for the modern Latina that generates energy, vigor and strength. “It’s about strong patterns and designs that finish the look of what you are wearing,” says Calderon, who is also the Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Spanish-language fashion site Moda Preview International, “Right now, it’s not just the color of your look.” While Calderon believes that the current boxy look is on its way out after 2013, she thinks that the current oversize style will continue to be popular. A tailored, larger than life look, as if you are sporting your boyfriend or father’s outerwear, can particularly work well for hugging Latina curves. “It’s the most flattering style that’s going to be the one that stays around,” says Calderon.

Consumers and experts agree. In a high-paced world where women are constantly juggling responsibilities at home and the workplace, it’s the combination of color, cut and quality that will allow them to look fabulous, everywhere from the boardroom to the playground, allowing their presence to be a living statement of their past, current and future success. “The coat has become your office,” says Brito. “It’s just as an important tool in getting things done, as neccessary as your phone or your desk.”