Easy DIY body scrub ideas

You can make your own DIY body scrub easily and without a great deal of expense. Body scrubs are great…
Easy DIY body scrub ideas
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You can make your own DIY body scrub easily and without a great deal of expense. Body scrubs are great for exfoliating and general cleansing. By learning to make your own at home, you can experiment with different ingredients to customize the perfect scrub for your needs. Many ingredients can also be mixed as a dry scrub and stored for a longer time. Most oil bases will have a good shelf life, but do check for expiration dates. Some oils can develop unusual odors as they age.

Exfoliation requires a scrubbing agent. Oatmeal, salts, sugar and even coffee grounds work well as the dry base ingredient. Epsom salts are often used because the salt adds a soothing sensation. Sea salt is another excellent choice. Sea salt is sometimes used for healing minor skin irritations. When you are choosing the scrub base, consider how much exfoliation you want from your DIY body scrub. Epsom salt and coffee grounds offer a heavier textured scrub. Sea salt, sugar, and oatmeal provide softer polishing. You can also combine different scrub bases to achieve your desired exfoliating level. The basic recipe for a scrub is two cups (or two parts) of a dry base to one cup (or part) of liquid or oil. Use heavier textures for feet, elbows, and dry skin areas. Sensitive skin requires a softer scrub.

To make a vanilla sugar scent, add two tablespoons of a quality vanilla extract to the liquid portion of your DIY body scrub. Avoid using an imitation vanilla; it will not provide the same warm scent. Other food-based extracts also work well. Peppermint extract will provide an energizing scent. A few drops of rose oil is an excellent addition. Regular kitchen spices can also be used. Two tablespoons of pumpkin pie spice mixed with a brown sugar base gives a wonderful aroma.

To make a moisturizing DIY body scrub, you will need to add carrier oil. Many types of oils can be used. Sesame, safflower, almond, grapeseed, coconut oil or butter, and olive oil are all good choices. Some olive oils may have too strong a scent; test the level of fragrance first. Baby oil and vegetable oils are also options, but these do not always wash away cleanly. The basic mix is two cups of dry base to one cup of carrier oil. Keep in mind that adding oils to your scrub will make your bath or shower floor slippery. Use caution with carrier oils, and rinse tub surfaces well after use.

Once you get the hang of making a DIY body scrub, you can also create homemade gifts for your family and friends. Clean mason jars make excellent containers. Use a lid and ring, without heat sealing, to keep the contents from spilling. Tie a ribbon around the top of the jar and you have a quick but special gift, ready for any occasion.