Easy ways to go green

If you would like to be greener and help your environment and the world we live in, take some steps…
Easy ways to go green
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If you would like to be greener and help your environment and the world we live in, take some steps around the home for greener living. Most of us don’t have the money to change our heating systems or to install solar panels, although these would really help. However, you can start by making smaller changes in your home.

Recycling is one of the most beneficial steps to take. Go green by sorting your glass, plastic, and newspapers into separate bags. Check with your waste collection service provider as to whether they will collect recycled materials and how they want them sorted. It might mean that you have to have separate bins in your kitchen, but you will be helping the environment by recycling your waste. If your waste collection service provider doesn’t collect recycling materials, check to see where else you could take them. There might be a glass collecting facility near you or a newspaper and cardboard collection point that you could use.

Don’t forget compost. If you grow flowers or vegetables, you can make your own compost heap at the bottom of the garden. You can purchase compost bins that will keep your waste in one place and keep unwanted visitors out. By composting throughout the year, you will have your own natural fertilizer to use when time comes for planting again. If you’re not the gardening type or don’t have room for your own compost heap, you can still go green. Check to see if family and friends have an allotment or vegetable patch where you could take your perishable household waste, or find a local composting facility.

Energy saving is one way to go green. The less energy we use, the less of a drain it is on oil, electric, and gas reserves. Change all the light bulbs in your house to energy saver bulbs. These can be a bit pricey, but they last far longer than the old type of bulb, thus saving you money in the long run. Don’t leave stereos, TVs, and games consoles on standby. Make sure everything is turned off at the plug when you are not using it. Encourage everyone in your household to be energy aware, too, and remind them to switch off what they aren’t using. Not only will you be going green, but you’ll be saving on your utility bills too.

By recycling your waste, composting, and saving energy, you can go green. Taking small steps at home is a start. Start being kinder to your environment and the planet today.

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