Hot in fashion: colored pants

Colorful pants, specifically denim, have been the top look in fashion this year. And from the looks…
Hot in fashion: colored pants
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Colorful pants, specifically denim, have been the top look in fashion this year. And from the looks of it, the trend isn’t dying out any time soon. But wearing this look isn’t as easy as wearing an average pair of jeans—there’s an art to balancing out colorful denims.

The beauty of this look is the versatility it provides. You can wear colored denim to a barbecue, to a holiday party, to work, or to dinner just by playing up (or downplaying) your top. Wear a plain tee for a casual gathering, or finish your look with a blazer for work. Wherever you have to go, colored pants can be transitioned from the day to the evening. Learn the dos and don’ts of this look in fashion.

The best way to avoid getting matchy-matchy is to balance out your look with a neutral color. Pair colored pants with white, taupe, gray, black, or other light hued tops. If you do decide to wear a colorful top, then stay in fashion and neutralize your look with a neutral cardigan, blazer or sweater.

The biggest sartorial faux pas you can make with colored pants is getting too matchy-matchy. What does that mean? Don’t pair royal blue pants with royal blue flats and a royal blue purse. The general rule of thumb is that colored pants should be the only strong color in your outfit, so don’t overwhelm your in fashion look with too much of the same color.

It may seem a bit over the top to accessorize with color, but wearing a “pop of color” belt, scarf or jewelry can add a little “oomph” to an already chic look. Not sure how to pair it up? Consider this: Pair royal blue pants with a white top, a yellow belt and a pink pair of flats. The yellow and pink will serve as a pop of color with the blue, while the white neutralizes the look.

It may seem daunting to wear a colored top with a colored pants, but it’s not complicated so long as you don’t wear the same color. Pair your pants with a contrasting color from the same family and you’ll look chic and in fashion. Just make sure you don’t add any other colorful accessories—keep them neutral.

Mixing prints with colored pants is a delicate art. Don’t hesitate to dabble with stripes and polka dots in your tops and blouses. With floral or other more dominating prints, make sure the colors don’t clash too much with the colored pants. Though colorblocking is in fashion right now, prints are still stylish!