How to buy baby dresses

Baby dresses can be difficult to shop for. Mothers often have specific styles in mind when dressing…
How to buy baby dresses
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Baby dresses can be difficult to shop for. Mothers often have specific styles in mind when dressing their new babies, especially first time moms. So take the time to find just the right dress for that new bundle of joy in your life. There are a few things to keep in mind such as comfort, usage and style.

Keep in mind that although being cute and stylish is important, comfort is key when purchasing a baby dress. The most beautiful dress is useless if the little baby girl refuses to wear it. So keep on the lookout for soft, non-itchy fabrics. Puffy style dresses can also be irritating to babies so try to skip those, even for special occasions. Remember, a happy baby is a cute baby. The best fabrics for baby dresses are organic cotton, chenille and linen. Avoid real wool, polyester and other completely synthetic fabrics.

When shopping for baby dresses the first thing to consider is how you expect the outfit to be used. Looking for a casual everyday dress, a nicer ensemble for outings or a special occasion dress for one time use. For casual wear, look for simple dresses usually made of cotton and embellished with fabric flowers or print fabric that can be washed. Nicer dresses should still be simple, but usually include more embellishments, ensure that they can be worn for long periods without being irritable for the baby. One-time use dresses can include more itchy fabrics such as silk but should be breathable and not too cumbersome.

Style is the first thing that either draws you to a dress or makes you skip it. Style is subjective so be sure you consider the mother’s style and not always your own. If the mother likes bright colors and bold styles, chances are that is what she will want for her baby girl. For mothers that like unique items, try websites such as Etsy, which have homemade and original creations. Get that adorable baby girl in your life a one of a kind dress. Some popular styles for baby dresses include chevron and simple tutu dresses. For a truly personal touch consider getting a name or monogram embroidered on the dress.

Matching bows, clips and headbands will make a simple and adorable dress stand out. These types of accessories are very popular and can be found on many websites pre-made but can also be special ordered to match the outfit you choose. For the truly creative you can look for directions and make your own bows with complimentary fabric.