How to make fruit arrangements

Have you ever gone to purchase one of those edible fruit arrangements from a specialty store only to…
How to make fruit arrangements
Foto: Flickr / cheftim15

Have you ever gone to purchase one of those edible fruit arrangements from a specialty store only to suffer from sticker shock? You might have wondered how to make arrangements yourself in order to avoid paying high prices. While it can be hard to make the arrangements, it needn’t be an expensive once a year gift.

If you’d like to make your own arrangements, first you will need to get some ideas on what to make, and then purchase fruit that will work well for your arrangement. Most stores that sell arrangements of fruit avoid using watermelon, kiwi, and other very soft fruit, that can break either during cutting or when the arrangement is delivered. Honeydew works well, so does apple and seedless grapes. Whole strawberries work better than cut. You can use star fruit, but choose one that is firm.

You will also need to buy heads of lettuce to use as a stabilizer for the wooden skewers the fruit is speared on. The lettuce should remain on the root until it is ready to be placed inside of your container. Choose a container that is large enough to hold the fruit arrangements, yet small enough so that you can avoid having to use too many lettuce heads to fill it.

Keep your lettuce cold until ready to cut. After choosing your fruit, wash it well, and then on a cutting board cut it into the shapes you wish to use. You can use cookie cutters for cool shapes. Make sure the fruit slices and shapes are thick enough to push a wooden skewer through. Dunk the fruit into ice cold water with a few drops of lemon juice to deter browning. This also helps firm the fruit before skewering.

While the fruit is soaking in the ice water, cut the root end off the lettuce and stuff it into your container. Once the lettuce head is in the container, trim it if too much is poking out of the top. Remove the fruit from the ice water, place onto skewers in shapes you want, then push the skewers into the lettuce to make your own fruit arrangements. Spritz with lemon water to keep the fruit from browning while you are waiting to give it to your friend or loved one. Keep cold.

Be sure to give yourself a few uninterrupted hours if you are just learning how to make fruit arrangements. It can be difficult to make your first one (or two), but once you get the hang of it you will find it gets easier. There are many different fruit arrangements you can try, and they’re great for gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings.