How to make heart-shaped chocolates for Valentine’s Day

Do you have a special someone that really appreciates chocolate? If so, you might just want to learn…
How to make heart-shaped chocolates for Valentine’s Day
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Do you have a special someone that really appreciates chocolate? If so, you might just want to learn how to make heart-shaped chocolates for your Valentine. Those sexy confections that you find in specialist candy stores, or even grocery stores, can easily be made at home. Really, it’s easy to make custom chocolates, filled with all sorts of goodies.

One easy recipe for chocolate is to take tiny bits of cake and cut them into a heart shape. Place the cakes on wax or parchment paper and pour melted chocolate over the hearts. Allow to cool. You can make a variety of this by cutting the cake into layers and filling with different icings. You can also sprinkle the cakes with nuts before the chocolate has hardened. This is a type of petit four. Tiny heart shaped cookie cutters can speed up the process.

You can also buy heart-shaped candy molds in hobby shops, or even some grocery stores. These molds only need to be filled with chocolate. The chocolate needed to make the heart-shaped chocolates can be purchased at the same place you buy the molds. If melting chocolate can’t be found, use plain chocolate candy bars, or good quality chocolate chips. The candy can be flavored with special flavorings found in baking aisles. Candy flavorings are strong and meant to be used only a few drops at a time. Good flavors to try and orange, cherry, vanilla, or even chili.

Melt the candy over a low heat in a double boiler or use a microwave. If using a microwave heat the chocolate in 30 second intervals. Chocolate can scorch very easily in a microwave – no one wants their heart-shaped chocolates to taste burned! Burned chocolate cannot be reused, just toss it out if you accidentally burn some. If your microwave is high powered, try heating only 10 seconds at a time. Remember that melted chocolate can hold its shaped, so check the status by trying to stir it.

You don’t have to stick with solid heart-shaped chocolates. Molds that snap together can be half filled with melted chocolate. Snap together, then tip back and forth until the entire mold is coated. Allow to cool, the carefully unsnap the mold. The resulting heart-shaped chocolates will be hollow! If you have a food injector you can fill the chocolates with a liquid, some people like Kahlua in their chocolates, but make sure your sweetheart is fine with alcohol.