Kids’ clothes on a budget

Purchasing your kids' clothes doesn't have to break the bank. Children grow so quickly and are always…
Kids’ clothes on a budget
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Purchasing your kids’ clothes doesn’t have to break the bank. Children grow so quickly and are always needing proper fitting clothes, so the most important thing is to plan your clothes purchasing ahead of time. Use a few of these tips when out shopping for clothes this year and watch the savings add up. The best part is that nobody will know you are saving money. Kids can have stylish, well fitting clothes, and not look like you’ve shopped on a budget.

The key to saving money is to take advantage of the major discounts that retailers offer to help get rid of end-of-season merchandise. Shoppers can find clothing at great discounts, usually at least 50 percent off. You will have to buy an entire size up for kids, to ensure the clothing will fit the following season, but the savings are worth it. Purchase items like jeans, shorts and jackets in off-seasons, and add a few stylish pieces to keep the look current when it is time to wear it. Worried about storing these items? Simply put them in a storage tub in a closet or the garage and label it properly so it is not forgotten about.

Retailers will always have a few key items marked down every week. This means if you have the patience to wait it out, you can find just about any desired item on sale. Double your savings by using coupons. If you are using a smart phone you can download one of the many coupon apps available and begin saving immediately. Almost every store accepts phone coupons, and they are simple to use. Before any purchase simply look up the name of the store you are in and search for discounts.

Thrift stores still have a place, but your best bet is to visit a local resale shop that specializes in kids’ clothes. You can bring in your gently used clean clothing to sell back to the store, you can usually get more money by taking store credit. Most resale shops will give at least 20 percent more for accepting credit over cash. Use the money to buy new clothes for your children. Most of these shops will only buy back high quality items so you know you are getting decent clothes. Let your child come with you and pick out a few more stylish pieces. Purchasing kids’ clothes in resale shops is a smart buy.