Large hips and dressing with style

Dressing with style can be difficult if you don't meet the fashion norms. By that we mean the 5-7-9…
Large hips and dressing with style
Foto: Photo by henryjose via CCL

Dressing with style can be difficult if you don’t meet the fashion norms. By that we mean the 5-7-9 group that apparently all designers are under the delusion we all fit into. If you fall outside of this group by virtue of having large hips, fear not, there are still a lot of fashions out there you can pull off with panache and still be comfortable at the same time. You just have to know what to look for.

Flared skirts as seen on swing coats and dresses are quite simply a blessing in disguise for women with large hips. They still give the appearance of a waist yet give you all the comfort and room you need to go about your day without feeling constricted. Let’s face it, there’s little more annoying than struggling with your clothing and feeling like you’re trapped in some sort of medieval torture device all day. It leads to frustration, discomfort, and lower productivity. Flared skirts, dresses, and coats can be found in a variety of colors, textures, and sizes for women of any age, and they shouldn’t be overlooked in your arsenal of camouflage with comfort.

When it comes to slacks, there are some beautiful choices for women with large hips to choose from. Look for pants with a slightly higher waist and avoid hip huggers. This doesn’t mean you have to wear mom pants. Dress slacks for the office with top pleats gathered at the front will give you all the room you need while affording you the same comfort of a flared skirt. This super chic and tailored look is flattering for most figures, as it gives you the impression of having more of a waist than you might have or it can accentuate what you’ve already got to work with by giving the impression of an hourglass figure.

Women with large hips have plenty of choices for jackets, too. If you’re looking for a light jacket or a blazer for stepping out or work, select a jacket that comes just to the top of your hip bones. If it’s too short it can give the appearance of having shrunk and no longer fitting, and if it’s too long it goes back to the cutting you off mid hip and can make your hips look larger. Now, if it’s a fall or winter jacket you’re looking for, try a Navy Peacoat that comes to the bottom of your hips and covers your derriere. This classic, double-breasted look now comes in a variety of colors besides the traditional navy blue and can be accessorized with scarves and pins for a little pizzazz.

One of the leading offenders of fashions for large hips is the peplum. This look is only good if you want to accentuate your hips. Otherwise, it’s absolutely disastrous! Another fashion no-no for large hips is wearing a blouse, sweater, or top that comes down too long and cuts you off mid hip. This can give the appearance of them being larger than they really are, and it’s extremely unflattering. Snug skirts, super bright colors, and loud prints from the waist down fall into the “larger than they are” look as well. Anything that’s going to call attention to your hips should be avoided unless you’re trying to draw the attention, plain and simple.