Look younger with these beauty tips

Every woman wants to look younger at some point, and wants know what she can do to achieve it. To say…
Look younger with these beauty tips
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Every woman wants to look younger at some point, and wants know what she can do to achieve it. To say the truth, 41 is not 21. When you are just over your teenage years you can wear anything; disheveled hair, pajamas to class, a scarf tied around your head, and still manage to look good. That is not the case two decades later.

On the other hand, 41 is the new 31, not only because women these days are healthier, but because they now know so many more ways to “cheat” time, and have learned to stretch out the length of their prime years. Doubtless, you already have your beauty secrets, but here are a few more tips that you may want to add to your arsenal.

Taking basic care of your skin is important at any age. Shielding yourself from the sun with a sunscreen, and makeup that doubles as sunscreen protection is a must. Taking the time at the end of the day to remove makeup from your face is another obligation. Applying creams that will moisturize your skin, eye creams, or even a thin layer of olive oil before going to bed, can do wonders to keep your skin smooth, and fight wrinkles for as long as possible. By the way, always consider your neck area an extension of your face and baby it just as much.

But skin care goes beyond your neck, your hands are big tellers of your age, so take care of them just as you do your face. Use a good product to keep them moisturized, and at night dab a bit of Vaseline on them.

Same thing goes for your feet. No expensive shoe is going to look great on rough and unloved feet. Rubbing Vaseline on your feet at night under a pair of socks can change the feel of them in just a couple of nights, and a pedicure (whether at a salon or at home) is a treat you should give yourself periodically.

Consider your wardrobe, and realize that things look different on females as the years go by. For example, a big hairdo reminiscent of another era will look very interesting on a very young woman, but not so much on an older one. The last thing you want is for people to think you are wearing the hairdo that was popular the year you were born! Natural, simple, clean hair will add youth to your face much more than any complicated hairdo.

Streamline your attire. Eliminate big dresses, have absolutely nothing that looks like a mu-mu, and anything that will make you body appear wider than it is! Younger women can use scarves as shawls and wraps, but this is no longer a good look for an older woman. Get rid of fashions and clothing that may make you look matronly.

Your makeup can make you look younger without Botox, or even more drastic measures. Makeup artists often associate lighter colors and consistencies with a youthful look, for example: eye pencil instead of liquid eyeliner, and cream foundations instead of powders, Your eyebrows are the frames to your face so shape them properly and groom them. They give a lift to your expression that costs nothing but a little time in front of the mirror.

Stay fit, eat well, remain healthy, have a positive attitude; enhance your beauty naturally , and enjoy your life, remebember that every day is the youngest you will ever be again! So enjoy it!